Sunday, November 23, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, November 23rd, 2014 - Fun With Dave, And Dave, And Dave

Major D. Wesely, U.S. Army (retired). holding forth over his game table

It has been a hugely fun week for me; many, many things happening, and I'm only now getting back to my usual schedule. Let me try to summarize the fun, if I may...


I was invited out to Dave Wesely's house, this past week, to push some lead around his game table - well, it was his Airfix plastics from way back when, but you get the idea. Bill Hoyt and Duane Jenkins, some of the original Blackmoor crowd, as well as some of Dave's regulars showed up. Very tough scenario, but a lot of fun and lots more great conversations about games, game design, and gaming.

(For more about Dave, have a look at:

Dave is an old friend, and it was great to be able to game with him again. We talked about my running a Braunstein for him, and we'll see what we can do - watch this space!


I had Dave Megarry in, the other day, and it was great to see him as well; we are both Adventure Games alumni, and we shared a lot of stories about Ye Olden Dayes. I got the first-hand account of the Ancients game where GM Dave Arneson slipped Druid Megarry a phaser, to deal with Pete Gaylord's Roman war elephant. Pete was not amused when the elephant got fried, as he'd just gotten it and had spent the previous week painting it up just for the game. To reprise an old gamer's lament:

"I just got them all painted up, and they're all dead!"

It never ceases to amaze me that so many of the creative types that were the founders of our shared hobby are from the Twin Cities - and that so many of them are friends of mine. It's humbling, really.


I have been invited to go to Gary Con, this coming spring, and give a talk on Tekumel, Prof. Barker, and "Empire of the Petal Throne". From what I gather, a number of Tekumel fans would like to have me show up and answer their questions about Phil and his creation, as part of the convention programming; we'll see, as the health needs of The Missus take priority over everything.


Speaking of The Missus, she is doing well; it's now been a week after her month of hard radiation, and while she's kind of uncomfortable with sundry aches and pains, she and her doctors are very happy with her condition. So far, so good...


I will be catching up with all your commens and e-mails over the next couple of days, just in time for the holiday...

Thanks again!