Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Weekly Update For Sunday, December 14th, 2014 - Incisions, Insomnia, and the Internet

The Da Vinci tele-manipulator system

First off in today's news round-up, The Missus got through her bout of surgery Friday with good results. She was in for about twelve hours, four of them in the operating room, to remove a number of what we hope are non-malignant fibroid tumors from her abdomen. The process involved inflating her like a balloon with carbon-dioxide gas, and then using the remote-controlled arms of the tele-manipulator to get in there and do the actual work. If this had been conventional surgery, she'd have had to stay the weekend in the hospital, and been at a much greater risk of infection and other bad side effects.

I got her home late Friday - I'd been up since two am that morning to get everything ready, so we were both ready for naps - and she's been resting ever since. She's sore, and in some pin, but nothing like what she could have had to deal with. Her prognosis is good, and we have hopes!

This should be the end of the big medical  events for a while, and we could use a little 'down time'!


We are now in the final twenty-four hours of Mike Burns' 'Ancient Egyptian' Indiegogo campaign, and I am very pleased to be able to say that it has been very successful! There are a lot of new figures, and we're investing in all of them - they have that 'charm' that Phil would have loved, and I can think of all sorts of games to run using them. Please, if you would, do have a look before the campaign ends tomorrow...

And please do have a look at the gallery of photos, too! There is some really great stuff there!


The helpful guys at The Source Comics and Games have introduced me to a new manufacturer of laser-cut plywood bases for miniature figures, Tre Games, Inc.; this firm does not have a website up yet - they are that new! - but you can reach them at their URL:

The bases are as good as those made by my primary supplier of bases, Litko Aero, and very nicely priced. I bought a large quantity this past weekend, as I have a lot of figures to base up over my upcoming holiday vacation.

In advance of the Indiegogo figures arriving after the holidays, I should note that I have also placed a large order with Litko Aero for some of their products, as well; the Mike Burns figures are designed for 'slotta-bases', so I needed to order my standard base sizes with slots cut into them. Litko has these as a stock item, so they got the order. If you haven't had a look at their vast range of useful products, may I suggest:


I am still way behind on e-mails and replies to your comments, due to the time needs of The Missus' medical situation, and I will try to get caught up before my holiday. My goal is to 'clear the decks' and have a holiday for writing and model-building, and I will try to get everyone answered as soon as I can. One of my big issues, these days, is that my work schedule pretty much takes me out of circulation from noon on Sundays to the early afternoon on Fridays. I can often get some work done when I can't sleep - like this morning, which is normal for my Sundays - but I am very limited in my free time.

A direct result of this is that I have 'pruned' some parts of this blog back a bit, as I simply don't have the time to maintain those sections with the attention that they need. Likewise, I have really stepped back from participation on various on-line fora - Dragonsfoot, ODD74,, Minnesota Indie Gamers, Knights and Knaves Alehouse, The Comeback Inn, The Piazza, RPGsite, the various Yahoo forums, and Facebook. I still look in on and post on Lead Adventure Forum, as well as many of the wonderful blogs that I follow, and I am happy with that - there are a lot of very fun people out there, and I think I'm very lucky to be able to list their blogs here!

More later this week! Thanks again for your time!