Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, February 22nd, 2015 - News Of The World, and Being Really Sick!

My Valentine, 1987

Last week's cold turned into full-fledged bronchitis, and I would up flat on my back for the better part of three days. I'm back at work, after several days off, just in time for the record cold temperatures. I'm not entirely pleased, but there we are.

And now, the news:

We're just over a month out from the start of my campaign game, which I want to get going at the beginning of April. I'll be using most of march to get information out to folks; watch your in-boxes...

Howard Fielding, he of The Tekumel Project, has announced that he's got his Shen back in stock. I am delighted, and looking forward to seeing them. Please have a look at his site - there's a link over in the left column.

Mike Burns, he of Dark Fable Miniatures, is on the verge of shipping the results of his latest Indiegogo campaign to produce more of the 'Ancient Egyptian Civilians'. Again, link over to the left; there are some very useful figures coming, including two sets of tomb robbers and more 'palace people' for those big games. I am really excited - I have over eighty figures coming from this campaign. Including some children - you never have enough 'innocent children' to grab the player's money pouches in the marketplace... :)

The Tekumel Foundation has announced that Prof. Barker's novel, "Man of Gold", is now available as an e-book. I'm not personally big on e-books, but The Missus is; it's where the market is going, I think.

Brett Slocum did a really good 'Tekumel Track' at the local game convention, 'Con of the North', and had a very solid schedule of events. He got some very good support from Steve Vossler and Don Kaiser, and there's a report by John Till on the weekend on his blog - again, link to the left. Howard Hendricksen even ran a fun miniatures game, a mini-Braunstein with palanquin racing in the streets. Oh, those kids!!!

With that, I'm back to bed; I work tonight, and I need to be as ready for it as possible - still sniffling and a little bit of coughing, but at least both The Missus and are are breathing.

Oh, and the photo? That's Herself, about six months after I met her; she came to work for what was left of Tekumel Games at that time as our clerk-typist, and had just finished transcribing all 1,500 of Prof. Barker's PC / NPC index cards into our first database for the very first 'digital' "Who's Who For Tekumel"; we still have the fleet of three Commodore 64s that were our first computers - they're still in working order, too!

She was fascinated by Tekumel; she came for the summer, and stayed - she even made her own Tekumel costume, for her player! It's been some 28 years, now, and she's been My Missus for the past 25 years.