Sunday, February 8, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, February 8th, 2015 - Interlude: Clearing The Decks

Nothing like a little lead in my diet, I always say...

This will be a very quick update; both The Missus and I have nasty colds. We've been pretty stressed out for the past several weeks by all of the hullabaloo and drama surrounding the passing of the girls' grandfather, and as a result we picked up nasty colds. Younger and Middle Daughter are now back home in Zurich, and Oldest Daughter is sweeping up the remaining debris. Life around here is getting back to what passes for normal, and my productivity is showing a bit of a rise. I'll be getting more done later this month, as we gear up for the campaign.

One happy note; the Tekumel Foundation put out an announcement on their blog that Prof. Barker's first published Tekumel novel, "Man of Gold", should be back out as an e-book edition "shortly". The new cover, despite what some Tekumel fans on the Tekumel Yahoo group have said, is very nice - it's much better in relation to the book's subject matter then the cover art from both the British and German editions, and - while the Whelan artwork was nice! - more appropriate then the artwork on the original edition.

The tempest-in-a-teapot over this on the Tekumel groups is the usual pointless fan bitching, which I've gotten pretty sick of over the decades. I used to have to deal with this, myself, and I find it both pointless and annoying. It's why I don't frequent the groups - I get my digests every morning, and promptly delete them - and why I have dropped away from other internet lists, groups, and forums as well. I've found, over the past five years, that most of the discussions have little or no interest for me; I don't game that way, and I don't play any of the games being mentioned.

I much prefer keeping up with the blogs that I have listed, over in the left-hand corner of this page. The people who blog about their gaming, I've found, are generally more literate, more engaged, and more civil; I enjoy reading all of your posts and comments, and your opinions. Keep up the good work, folks;  I find all of you worth my time!