Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Apology For Virche hiDune

My leaden alter ego...
Here in the cold grey light of dawn - I'm just back home from work - my reply to Virche hiDune
comes across as the nasty reaction of a very bitter and very grumpy old man.

I freely admit that I am that - it's been a very long thirty-five years in some respects, and the crap just keeps coming down the pipes - but that's not what I want this blog to be about. we had a lot of fun, playing our games, and I'd like to keep remembering that - and not dwell on all the politics, backstabbing, treachery, lies, gossip, and outright fraud and theft that marked a lot of the middle and late 1980s in local gaming and local fandom.

So, Virche, here's my reaction this morning - I've had all night to think about you:

If your intention was to get me to write about how miniatures are made, about the sculpting and casting process and the madcap adventures possible while doing it - the infamous 'lead-belted radial' or the panic that occurs when the top plate comes spinning out of the machine at over 700 rpm and ricochets around the room like a deadly Frisbee - then I think that's a great idea. I'll see what I can do for you, and I'd like to offer my apology to you for being a cranky old fart. (I don't think I'll have anything for you before Gary Con, but I'll try.)


I will not discuss the sordid politics around the Petal Throne that went on in those days; I simply do not want to have too much more salt rubbed into old wounds. I'm very sad to say that all too many of the people I respected, liked, and trusted proved not to be what they said that they were, and I just don't want to revisit that kind of thing.

Let's move on; let's enjoy Tekumel.

yours, chirine