Tuesday, March 17, 2015

An Apology For Virche hiDune

My leaden alter ego...
Here in the cold grey light of dawn - I'm just back home from work - my reply to Virche hiDune
comes across as the nasty reaction of a very bitter and very grumpy old man.

I freely admit that I am that - it's been a very long thirty-five years in some respects, and the crap just keeps coming down the pipes - but that's not what I want this blog to be about. we had a lot of fun, playing our games, and I'd like to keep remembering that - and not dwell on all the politics, backstabbing, treachery, lies, gossip, and outright fraud and theft that marked a lot of the middle and late 1980s in local gaming and local fandom.

So, Virche, here's my reaction this morning - I've had all night to think about you:

If your intention was to get me to write about how miniatures are made, about the sculpting and casting process and the madcap adventures possible while doing it - the infamous 'lead-belted radial' or the panic that occurs when the top plate comes spinning out of the machine at over 700 rpm and ricochets around the room like a deadly Frisbee - then I think that's a great idea. I'll see what I can do for you, and I'd like to offer my apology to you for being a cranky old fart. (I don't think I'll have anything for you before Gary Con, but I'll try.)


I will not discuss the sordid politics around the Petal Throne that went on in those days; I simply do not want to have too much more salt rubbed into old wounds. I'm very sad to say that all too many of the people I respected, liked, and trusted proved not to be what they said that they were, and I just don't want to revisit that kind of thing.

Let's move on; let's enjoy Tekumel.

yours, chirine


  1. No apologies necessary. The past is what it is.
    I know some of your past Tekumel difficulties through your blog and other posts. While I realized that my request for historical and model making info might dredge up old wounds, it seemed a worthwhile education for others. So, please accept my apologies for causing you discomfort in remembering less than golden times.
    Your remarks did not come across snarky to me. But then I've been told that I have a snarkiness streak in me.
    More information about model making may prove helpful to others, but readers should remember that costs and environmental restrictions are much higher & stricter today.

    1. Thank you for your very kind words, and your even kinder patience!

      And I agree about the much tighter - thankfully!!! - restrictions in force today! I used to get my blood checked for lead levels regularly, and took a lot of precautions while making and casting figures. I still do - I wear gloves and a mask as needed, and I am very, very careful. And I am still here, unlike some poor folks I knew back in the day. I have a nagging feeling that the old and now out-of-production lacquer hobby paints may have contributed to the early and untimely passing of more then a few hobbyists...

  2. Better said, your model making activities of yesteryear should be interesting to your readers...myself included.

    1. Well put! Let me see what I can do - I suspect it'll happen after Gary Con, so watch this space...

  3. Sadly i am going to miss your sessions at GaryCon next week. Do you have any thoughts about recording your discussions, or at least keeping notes of questions people ask and answering some of them later here on your blog?

    It would be much appreciated! Anyway, good luck with your trip.

    1. I'm sorry to hear you won't be able to make it to Gacy Con - it's shaping up to be a great event!

      Yes, I will be recording all of my sessions; I will not have the time to make detailed notes, and it's just going to be easier to leave the camcorder running for two hours at a stretch. Afterwards, we'll look at either up-loading to You Tube or doing 'digests'. The issue is, as always, time and energy but we'll see what we can do.

    2. Thanks, it's good to hear you've thought ahead. I imagine many questions i have would also be thought of by others who are not part of the Tekumel cognoscenti.

      The picture posted by The Tekumel Collector the other day is the first new thing i've seen by MARB in many years! We always heard about the massive archives that were squirreled away which i assume are the files you've been organizing. Between those contents and your gaming stories you've got a lot of things to tell us!

      GaryCon always sounds like fun so i hope you enjoy your trip. As for me, never say never.