Sunday, March 15, 2015

The Weekly Update for Sunday, March 15th, 2015 - Life At The Gallop!

It's a living...

Today's update is going to be pretty short and sweet; there's a lot going on, and I'm pretty frantically busy. The dual build cycles are well underway, and I'm pretty please with my progress. The Missus is loading toner cartridges as fast as she can, and the printers are smoking hot.

"To Serve The Petal Throne" is undergoing a massive revision; not to the text, but to the Tables of Contents. I've been writing pretty consistently, and I needed to update all of the contents pages to reflect this. The manuscript is now up to 260 pages, in six 'volumes'; otherwise, as Middle Daughter put it, readers would be dealing with something the size and heft of the Zurich phone book. One thing I did was divide the text of what was the old volume Five into two books, Five and Six, in order to do justice to our adventures while governing Hekellu. I peeled off the later adventures, some 39 pages' worth, into Six and kept some 94 pages worth in Five. I'll update the Page over in the left-hand column as soon as I can.

I had a very nice break in all the build work yesterday; Bill Hoyt, his lovely wife, and one of his daughters dropped by for a visit. The ladies wanted to see the game room, so I gave them The Tour. Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt played Tekumel with Phil back in 1974-75, before the game was published, and shared a lot of fun stories of those days - Bill was the guy who introduced Prof. Barker to Gary Gygax, by the way, and is mentioned in the rules booklet for "War of Wizards".

Great expectations, here; the shipment of figures from Mike Burns' latest Indiegogo are expected any day now! These are the 'Ancient Egyptian' figures that I find so useful when doing adventures, and I am really looking forward to seeing them.

Ted Lyng's new blog on Tekumel collecting is going great guns; he's even dug up one of the prototype packs we did for Lou Zocchi, of all things! A very good blog, and I'm learning things from it myself - wonderful stuff!!!


[EDIT: I have now updated the "To Serve The Petal Throne" page in the left-hand column. I am now up to 108,000 words; I have a sneaking suspicion that each book will wind up being about 50,000 words long, for a probable total of some 600,000 words.

If I may, I'd like to point out that the original Thursday Night Group met out at Phil's *every* Thursday night for the better part of fifteen years; that's 52 game sessions per year, times fifteen years (or 375 game sessions) at an average of four hours per game session - and sometimes they went six! - for a total of roughly 1,500 hours of game time with Phil. I have a lot of stories to tell...

yours, chirine]


  1. After reading Lyng's blog, have you written anything about your Tekumel Journal miniatures adventure anywhere?

    1. I mean why & how it got started. Difficulties & joys of making miniatures. Why you stopped.

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    3. Quick answer: Yes, I have. I did a posting about this back in 1996 on the old Tekumel group. Getting involved personally with the business side of Tekumel was quite simply the worst mistake I ever made, and I deeply regret it. It's also why I adamantly refused to become the 'business manger' for the Tekumel Foundation, despite Dr. Raymond's pleas; I'd already been down that road, and I never, ever want to go there again. Period.

      Long answer: Ral Partha wanted to close out the line after TSR dropped EPT and "Legions of the Petal Throne", which left me (and others!) hanging with a lot of units incomplete. I called them to see if they'd run me some figures on a personal basis, and they turned me down - and instead offered to sell me the entire line, including the molds and masters. As Phil had been saying that he wanted to have everything being done for Tekumel at that point under one roof, I said yes, and then told Phil what I'd done. He gulped, and told me I'd done the right thing...

      We bought a spin-caster and some metal, and started making figures. We made enough to pay for the purchase of the line, but not much else. I wound up putting some $12,500 of my own money into the thing, and then was bought out by Tekumel Games, Inc. when Phil formed that company. After they failed, several times under several managements, I just gave up; too much politics, too little help from anyone.

      Now, having said all that, I do love actually making the miniatures - I am not really a 'gamer', I am first and foremost a model-builder. The games I run are a vehicle for that - the 'build cycle' between game sessions are a challenge for me, but the looks on the players' faces when they come downstairs to the game room and see the game table all ready for them to play on is what makes it all worthwhile for me. It's why I still do this, after forty years.

      I try very hard not to be bitter over all the crap and abuse I've taken over the years, and I try very hard to remember all the fun times I've had with Tekumel. That's what this blog is all about, and why I do it.

      yours, chirine

    4. Please see today's post; I did not mean to snark you.

      yours, chirine