Monday, April 27, 2015

A Quick Note On A Monday Morning - Ral Partha Information For You...

Gamers, gaming. This is what it's all about.

Just a short note, this fine Monday morning, to let folks know that I have started a new page over in the left-hand column for the information I'm getting from the folks at Iron Wind about the return of Ral Partha. Have look, if you will - I think you'll be excited!

I've been asked why I think this is such big news; put simply - and I'll have more on this for you in a later post - I grew up in gaming and as a gamer with Ral Partha. Quite a few of the miniatures we used out at Prof. Barker's were - and still are! - Ral Partha products; I used to have to scout the new Partha catalogs to see what Phil would throw at us next, as he'd order items up and then paint them in secret as a surprise for us. The Pe Choi and the Black Ssu were two such surprises, and led to some of the very best games he did with us.

I'll talk more about this shortly; in the meantime, I have to get the table top photo tent set up so I can get some photos of the samples... :)