Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, April 12th, 2015 - All Sorts Of News, and We Survived An Adventure!

Yes, it's a hole big enough to put your hand through.

And yes, the sidewall failed in two places. At freeway speed.

There has been all sorts of big news from Tekumel this week, as well as The Missus and I surviving a nasty tire failure on a trip. Let's just dive in, shall we?


The Big News This Week for Tekumel in general has been the new game / interactive novel by From Choice of Games, LLC: "Choice of the Petal Throne". Please have a look at their website:

I've been watching this project develop over the past four years, and I'm delighted to see it finally coming to market. What makes this a really cool thing for Tekumel is that it's a 124,000 word novel done as an interactive game - and you can play it on any modern platform, including your smart phone. (Technical details on the site, of course!) This is a revolution if how we approach Tekumel - by expanding from the long-time base of 'pen-and-paper RPGs' out into more of a mass market audience, Tekumel will reach a lot more people. I think this is A Good Thing!

It turns out that The Missus and I are getting a very nice tax return, this year, and she's now talking about doing a computer upgrade so that we can get and run this game. Our fleet of old Macs won't do it, and this game seems to her to be a good time to make the change to new and more modern machines. I'll have more on this game, as soon as I read the first chapters - they are up on the game's website!


Mike Burns, he of Dark Fable Miniatures, dropped us a line to let us know that he and his molders / casters, Griffith Molds, are finally caught up with the demand for figures from Mike's most recent Indiegogo campaign, and that the figures are now off in the mail to everyone who had made larger and more customized orders. (Link to his site in the left-hand column.)

One of the reasons that this line has been so popular is that mike has figures that you simply can't get anywhere else. I ordered extras of the 'Ancient Egyptian Children' set, as you never have enough urchines lurking about the market place or Good Clan-Children populating the clan-house. In the kinds of games that I run, these little non-player characters are some of the best sources of information and rumors to be had; likewise, the serving girls, fan-bearers, and palace staff are the 'mobile scenery' that make our adventures in domestic affairs so memorable.


I am also pleased to announce a nice new website by a very nice lady in the UK, who is doing some very cool things with some very cool products. Anne is a great person and enjoys a very good reputation for her service and products. May I suggest having a look at her website?

The 'Arab Village Deal', in the Miniatures / Buildings section of the Shop, looks particularly tasty; I shall have to talk to The Missus to see if we can't budget for this set...


The big push for me, this week, will be getting everything ready and out to players for the upcoming campaign away up on the Northwest Frontier. I will be sending e-mails out to those who have e-mailed me; if you haven't done so yet, and if you want in on this, please e-mail me. Thanks!


One of the nice 'add-on' effects of both the announcements of games from Uni Games and Choice of Games is that there is finally some forward motion on some of the projects that the Tekumel Foundation has been working on for the past four or five years. The Foundation finally has some revenue to work with, and put into their projects - hurrah!!! Please have a look at their blog, when you can, for updates and announcements; there's a link to there over in the left-hand column for you.


The Missus and I took a trip 'up north' to Lake Vermillion to visit her parents yesterday, as it was her dad's eightieth birthday. We had a wonderful time; lots of the relatives showed up, the food was great - I had a hunk of walleye the size of my forearm! - and the cake was very tasty. We had planned on coming back last night, but, we had an adventure...

The left front tire, as you can see from the photos, failed quite spectacularly and at speed late last night just north of Cloquet, Minnesota (The Home Of The World's Only Frank Lloyd Gas Station - it's something to see; what you'd expect a 'gas station of the Ancients' to look like in Phil's campaign) and we wound up spending the night in a motel waiting for the tire place to open this morning. The trusty old van now has two new tires on the front end, and we're home safe.