Sunday, April 19, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, April 19th, 2015 - Exciting Developments And Deliveries!

Sneak Peek courtesy of Iron Wind Metals

It's been a pretty exciting week, here at The Workbench! No, I am not writing the new role-playing game of how the current miniatures hobby works - "Developments and Deliveries - 'D & D', for short; catchy, and it might catch on - is the exciting game of playing the roles of sculptors, casters, and painters in the fast-paced environment of the table-top miniatures hobby."

Nope, not that. Instead, I offer the following news items for your delectation:

First off, the great folks at Iron Wind Metals are full-steam ahead with the relaunch of their classic miniatures game. They will be at Cinncy-Con in Ohio - their local convention - doing a huge game to mark the event, and I hope to get photos here to show you. This will be, I gather, a 'tableshaker' in the classic Little Tin Soldier Shoppe mode, with a table fourteen feet long and over 1100 figures on the table; the game is designed to be played by lots and lots of people. all of whom can drop in and out of the game as their time and schedules permit. It'll be 'Braunstein meets Chaos Wars', and I wish I could be there!

I'll have a lot more on this project in the next two weeks. For an old Ral Partha customer - about half the figures we used out at Phil's in the original Thursday Night Group were by Ral Partha - this is like coming home after a long trip - lots of old friends are coming back, and I'm really pleased!!!

Secondly, I am very pleased and delighted to be able to report that all of the figures from the 'Ancient Egyptian Civillian' Indiegogo by Dr. Mike Burns - he of Dark Fable Miniatures - have arrived, in a small and heavy box.

These are great figures; very crisply cast, very nicely posed by the sculptors, and very welcome here at The Workbench. These 'civilian' figures go very nicely with the 'military' figures that Howard Fielding and The Tekumel Project offer, and really open up my game horizons. We've had a lot of very fun adventures in our games, where the serving girls and fan-bearer guys formed the 'animated scenery' to exciting chases in palaces and clan houses; this sort of thing used to be a feature of games at the Professor's, to the point where I was genuinely surprised that anyone invited us player-characters to their parties...

I have now gotten all of these figures based and primed, and I'll get some photos of them shot this week - assuming the rain holds off for a bit! - and posted her and on my Photobucket page for everyone.

And yes, I ordered extra sets of the two children, too. A wise player-character in Phil's campaign carried a sweet or a copper for the local urchin, who was usually a better source of information then anyone else was. Aside from that old retired scribe in the marketplace, that is - old Firu ba Yeker, of the Clan of the Uttermost Secret...