Sunday, April 26, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, April 26th, 2015 - RAL PARTHA IS BACK!!!

Photo and logo from Iron Wind Metals
I have some very big news for everyone today, and I'll be posting about it all week. There's a lot to say, and it's going to take me some time to say it...

The background to this post is that I've been suffering all week from some sort of 'mystery inflammation' of the left foot, and as a result I've been unable to walk for most of the week. I've had several days of bed rest, which has helped with the absurd swelling, and lots of whining and grumbling to my poor Missus - I am not a good patient, and never have been; I'm still amazed she's put up with me for the past twenty-five years...

So, I have been feeling pretty miserable and quite sorry for myself, and in a pretty low mood; morale has been at rock bottom. So, when The Missus told me that "There's a package for you from Iron Wind!," I was both amazed and delighted. I'd had a good time hanging out with their people at Gary Con, and I'd told them just how much I'd loved their old Ral Partha figures over the years.

So, I opened the package, and saw some little bags of figures...

You may want to have this playing in the background as you read further:

The guys at Iron Wind have sent me some dozen sample figures from their new Kickstarter. They are, in what's for me an awesome development, bringing back the Ral Partha brand name and the back list of the miniatures lines. I will have a ton more on this posted as quickly as I can for everyone, but I want to run that past all of you once again:

Ral Partha is coming back.

I will be posting the information I got from them on this development over the next few days - there's a lot to say, and I can only type so fast. We are, over the next few years, looking at over 1700 classic figures being re-released; if the samples I have - and which I'll show you in photos as fast as I can - are any indication, we are in for an amazing time.

Figure quality is crisp and clear, no mold lines, no faults, no nothing to complain about. These are vintage Tom Meier sculpts from the late 1970s, and they stand up very, very well alongside our current generation of great sculptors.

Please, oh please, don't take just my word for all of this! Please have a look at the new Ral Partha website:

And the Iron Wind site, as well, for the latest news about the "Chaos Wars" Kickstarter:

As an old miniatures guy, I am beside myself with delight over this news, and I'm having to take really deep breaths and concentrate on typing. I'll have a lot more to say in my posts over the next few days about this, too; right now, I am just delighted that an old friend that I had thought long lost has returned. I will try to tell you how happy I am, and just how pleased - just give me a little time to catch my breath, please!

[And a very polite note: It turns out that some of the guys at Iron Wind know who I am, and - to my astonishment! - follow this little effort in blogging of mine. They have, to my humble amazement, put a link on their new site to this blog; I think I may faint. I think of myself as a guy who loves miniatures and miniatures gaming, and this is simply amazing that they'd do this. Thank you, guys!!!]