Saturday, May 2, 2015

Campaign Notes: A Speedbump On The Sakbe Road

The scene of the campaign, more or less...

So, I'm getting the final stuff for the campaign done, and I bestirs myself to run up to The Source to get me that vital component of campaign mapping, a pad of blank hex sheets. The 'custom of the house', back in Ye Olden Dayes, was that as the players explored the terrain, the referee mapped the world as they uncovered the secrets therein. This then became the basis for the further adventures in the campaign, with players some years down the road going off to explore something that the first campaign players had reported but not explored.

The Fortress Chalukolumel Campaign was basically this; Phil left plot hooks all over the maps for us to explore, and sometimes we did - the attack on Castle Tilketl was one such adventure. This campaign will be based on a plot line we never really did follow up on; this will be new territory for a lot of people, I think.

So, the guys at The Source tell me that they don't have blank hex sheets; from what I gather, nobody uses any such arcane and outmoded things any more, and they can't get any for me - nobody makes the things. So, The Missus springs into action, and now I have blank hex sheets all I want. Just hit 'print', and bob's your uncle.

The reason why I wanted my own hex sheets is for the detailed record-keeping that a campaign like this needs to have happen. I keep track of the players on the maps, and use more detailed versions of the maps to create the terrain and scenery on the game table. Since the large hexes are about 133 Km across, and the small ones about 9.5 Km; I needed to be able to plot out players' moves a little more tightly. So, I now have 'micro-hexes', about 3 Km across, which divides nicely into the sixe of my game tables.

To aid in plotting everything else, I also have a system for accurately locating spots on the map. Each large hex is gridded with letters, north to south, and numbers west to east. The micro-hexes are done the same way, but with a little refinement to make sure that everything has a unique location. Thus, the little town of Liu Mna, on the Sakbe road east of the Fortress, has a locator (TPS? Tekumel Positioning System?) that has first the large hex number, then the small hex, then the micro-hex: 4604Q19V1. Time hacks for navigation will come at noon, local time; I have a magnetic whiteboard for that...