Monday, May 25, 2015

Memories On A Memorial Day - 2015

The Long-term Guest

It's a soggy Memorial Day, here at The Workbench; no grilling out back for us, today. I am enjoying the holiday, though; lots of sleep and staying off my afflicted foot. As I mentioned briefly, in yesterday's post, there are a lot of things happening around here...

One of the things that's going on, and one that means a lot to me personally, is that a long-term guest here at The Workbench is finally going home. You can see what this little guy looks like; he's about two and half inches tall, made of soft plastic, and has a pretty basic paint job. Doesn't look like much, does he?

But yet, he's one of the very coolest artifacts that have been living in my basement for all these years. He's been lurking in the miniatures boxes, and I found him earlier this spring when I did the Annual Inventory of all the miniatures collection. He's unique; I have nothing else like him in all my collection.

"So," I can hear you ask, "what's the big deal, here?"

He's one of Dave Arneson's very first 'miniatures' for his Blackmoor games.

Back a number of years ago, the November before Dave passed away, I had found three more of these little toy creatures that had gotten mixed in with my miniatures when Adventure Games closed. As Dave was appearing at The Source's 'D & D Day' event, I was able to get back to him the Pteridactyl, the 'Blink Monster', and the now famous 'Rust Monster'. I don't know what happened to them, after Dave passed away, like the wonderful carved wooden AGI logo plaque, nobody seems to know what happened to them.

Sometime in the next couple of weeks, I'll be taking a trip out to see Malia, Dave's daughter, to get this little guy back home. He was never 'mine'; he was always Dave's, as I think of these things, and now he's hers.


Now, I have been told that this little fellow is A Really Valuable Collectable Object From the Early Days Of D&D, and worth heaps and heaps of money. That may very well be true. And it's not my problem, if I may be rude; if you think there's money in this, please talk to the owner; I've just been the innkeeper, for a while. I am not a 'collector'; my collections are working ones, and are to be used in games - that's what they were designed to be and to do.

A little while after I got back home from Gary Con, I was told that there was a rumor out on the Intenet that I had sold my original figure of Captain Harchar (Dave's player character in Prof. Barker's games) to Jon Peterson (author of "Playing At The World") for the princely sum of $1,000 at the convention.

Ah, no; Harchar and the rest of his miniature crew of sea-going rascals are not for sale. The guy who was telling me all this had gotten his facts mixed up, and was incorrect in his assumptions. I will freely admit that I was, and still am, very upset over this kind of thing. I keep my collections for the future, and not for their supposed value; I keep them for their fun in our games, and for their memories of all the fun people I've had the wonderfully good fortune to meet and game with over all these years.

This particular little guy has a lot of memories for me, but even more for Dave's family; that's why I'm taking him home...