Friday, May 15, 2015

Other Voices, Other Lives

We didn't care, back then...
We didn't care more recently, either...
This is not the post I planned on making today; I'll be back later with some photos of the new Ral Partha figures for you.

No, this post is about a trend that I've been watching on the Internet in various gaming circles. back in my salad days, we called it "political correctness". This is in reaction to an e-mail that one of my regular readers got; you can see it at; there's a link over in the left-hand column, too.

Back in my day, and frankly to this day, I didn't care what people were; I cared about them wanting to play, and to have fun. I made sure that I provided a friendly place for them to come and play and dream, and I didn't worry about being 'politically correct' in the process. I worried about making sure that my friends had a fun time, as guests in my home.

Have a look at the photos, if you wouldn't mind. These were taken about thirty years apart. Can you tell me who the gay, lesbian, bi, trans, and straight people are? Well, neither can I; I never really asked, as it just didn't seem to be any of my business. Heck, I had to stop and think and remember that Mr. Lander is A Person Of Color; I will always think of him as the courtly and dignified gentleman who played so well and for so long.

I have o problem with people who want to highlight 'alternate views'; if you look down the list in the left-hand column of People I Think Are Worth Listening To, you'll see a lot of folks who have very different viewpoints and outlooks then I do. This is deliberate - one of my goals with this little confection of a blog is to bring to you what I consider important and worth saying. Have a look at what they are posting about, and you'll get a feel for my mindset and the world that I inhabit. Please, just don't jump to conclusions when you label me as a 'straight white male'; I'm a little more complex then that, I think.

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