Saturday, May 16, 2015

Partha, Photos, and Passion!

 Well, I did promise you photos:

Sample weapons pack - lighting turned up for detail
Weapons - US penny for size comparison

The sample elves - a 1978 casting on the right for comparison
The elves - this is the raw metal.
Very crisp, and very clean!

Orcs, goblins, imps, and others
I love the detail on these!
These do look the business, I think!

(These photos are all shot with my Sony Mavica, which I had set to the 'Macro' focus. No flash, just the photo tent. I need to get out a tripod and a different lighting rig for extreme closeups, and I'll try to get that done this weekend.)

Well, we're in the last days of the Ral Partha Kickstarter:

And I will say that I am pretty excited by the whole thing. The Missus is working out what level she wants to support the thing at - I leave all these decisions to her - and I am sure that I'll be very happy when the package shows up on the doorstep.

These figures are really good; the alloy is a modern one, not the soft high-lead one of the 1970s, but it really pops up the detail on these sculpts. I didn't give any of these figures a black wash to bring up the detail - this is the raw metal, right out of the box. I also left the mold vents on, so you can see what you'll be getting. I am very, very happy with these figures - they are very clean and very crisp, and these classic sculpts stand up very well against more modern miniatures. (Keep in mind that these sculpts are thirty to forty years old; my girls are are only half that age, the bulk of them.) I'd think that they'll look very good on the table!

And the folks at Iron Wind do listen to you - they changed the Kickstarter so that you can get all the same figure in your units, if you want your miniatures that way. You can get entire units of the same SKU, for that very 'vintage' and very 'classic' look to your game table if that's something you'd like; you can also get assortments of figures, as per the Kickstarter, so you can have your personalities on the table for RPGs. That's what we did at Phil's, in our games; I'd get packs of figures to get a particular one for a specific purpose, and then I'd hold the rest for future use. I'd bring them to the game sessions when we had a new player, and they'd select what they liked for their figure. I'd get to work with the paint brush, and we'd be off on another adventure.

(That's what Dave Arneson did for his rascally crew of "honest seafaring merchants", by the way; his officers, the Mates 'Staffswinger', 'Swordswinger', and 'Fishface' - as well as the Purser, 'Hardtack' - were all selected by Dave from the 'pool' of unpainted miniatures, and the First and Second Mates got their names from the weapons they were carrying. I still have them, too, and hold on to my money pouch when I put them on the table - no disrespect intended, just sayin'...)

I would also like to credit someone who I don't know. The "Sea Elf With Pike" on the far right of the elven line-up is not a figure I painted; I found this miniature at a booth at Gary Con, an as I wanted a little keepsake from the convention I bought him for my Yan Koryani forces - the Gurek of N'gaku, where his cousins have been soldiering on for Baron Ald for almost forty years: the Ral Partha "Sea Elf Advancing With Pike", as well as the standing figure. I have both the original release with a plain helm, and the later release with a feather on the front of the helm. This figure will get a base to match his fellow troopers, but I'll keep the paint job as a reminder of a really great weekend.

So, please do have a look at the Ral Partha web page and the Kickstarter, and take a trip back in time to us when we played in Phil's basement; Phil loved miniatures, and I think he'd be all over this Kickstarter!