Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, May 10th, 2015 - The Ground For The Boots To Be On...

The campaign map, in copies to save the originals

The new hexes, in non-repro blue pencil

The campaign map again, with the new hexes being added

"Those pesky players! Always fighting at the edge of the map!"

Lots and lots of very exciting things going on in my life at the moment, so this will be a kinda short update today. I am in the final throes of getting the basic campaign information done and ready to go out to everyone; I've had to do a lot of writing, and that always takes time due to my dyslexia. (I'm also ambidextrous; it does make things a little more complicated.) I've been reminded of one of Phil's pet peeves, this week; he was always a little put out that the players, those pesky kids, had a habit of always fighting at the edges of the map.

In getting ready for this campaign, I had originally thought of cutting up one of my sets of the Northwest Frontier map set, but The Missus pointed out that as she'd digitized the the maps why not cut up a set of copies - after all, she reasoned, we have a perfectly good printer. So, a lot of rubber cement and snipping later, we now have a large map on which to march around and explore; I mounted it to one of my spare cork boards, because I like to use map flags - I freely admit to being quite old-fashioned, and set in my ways. I also use clear acrylic sheet and grease pencils, just like you see in the movies, and one of these days I'll dig out the big sheet of steel so I can use my sets of magnetic counters.

However, all is not analog; The Missus noticed that we have a little problem, in that the western edge of the map set come just where you'd expect the players to be trying something. I was standing in the game room regarding the vast expanses of blank white paper that I had under the map set, when The Missus remarked that while I should lay out the rough hex grid to the west to get the campaign started, she could very easily take one of her digital images of the maps and remove everything except the hex grid itself; I could then use these matching blank hexes to record the discoveries and misadventures of the players, and keep track of the campaign both on the computer and on the map board.

"Well," says I, "if you insist, dear..."

So, I've inked in the rough hexes, and I'll be noting any interesting features. I am working from the original EPT maps, as these are what the artist who did the Northwest Frontier maps had to hand, with additional items from the later S&G maps as needed. As the players move into an area, I'll use Phil's 'hex generator' from the unpublished S&G III to find out what they are marching through. The information will get noted down on the hex grid, and kept for future reference.

I should note that we really don't know what's off the west of the NW Frontier maps; most of our adventures, back in the day, were off to the west of the Atkolel Heights, out on the edge of the desert, and farther south near Craig's old fief of Tu'umnra. Phil also really didn't leave much in the way of notes, either; there's a little information in S&G I, and in "Deeds", but really about all we have is the two sets of continental maps.

And a lot of boot leather; Phil used to leave large area of the maps 'blank', until he could get us to have a look in them. "Here Be Dragons", the sign posts used to say...

I'd also like to note that I am really enjoying doing all of this - it's like the old days at Coffman Union, all over again... :)