Sunday, May 24, 2015

The Weekly Update For Sunday, May 24th, 2015 - Not Dead Yet! I'm Feeling Better! WHACK!

Why, yes, the lawyers are involved...

I'm going to try very hard to say nice things, this evening. It has, to be frank, a pretty crummy couple of weeks here at The Workbench with not a lot of useful game-related stuff getting done. Let's get the health news out of the way first, and move on to happier things...

I have 'the gout'. Which annoys me greatly, as this is a medical problem that I associate with portly English squires consuming vast quantities of Ye Olde Roast Beef and Ye Olde Ale in Ye Olde Pub whilst ogling Ye Buxom Serving Wench. To my vast annoyance, I'm getting the pain and not getting the fun; The Missus has very firmly vetoed my idea of getting her one of those low-cut blouses for her, as seen in all good pirate movies. She did note that we do have a nice collection of pewter mugs, and she's allowing me to have my doses of water and juice in them.

(It's just not the same. Not the same at all. Ye Olde Sigh.)

So, anyway, we managed to treat the pain in the right foot with lots of water and keeping off the foot. This worked fine, but now the left foot is giving trouble again and is all swollen up. At least nothing has turned black and fallen off. Yet.

Since I rally can't take pain killers due to the medications I'm on to control my blood pressure, we've changed my diet and really pushed fluids to help the gout; the downside to this is that I am supposed to be on a limited ration of fluids in order to control the blood pressure, so we've been doing a pretty tight balancing act to keep me going. The cold didn't help, not at all. That seems to be on the downside at the moment - having the holiday to recover has really helped.

So, the good news is that I'm on the mend. I'm just tired of being sick, especially right now when I have a whole lot I want to be doing...

Moving on, there is a whole lot of really wonderful and really cool stuff going on in my life at the moment. I can't talk a lot about most of it, at least until some folks make some announcements, but Let me just say that I have some really, really neat stuff in the pipeline. Much more on this, as soon as I can comment...

The Ral Partha Kickstarter has funded very nicely, and you can see how well it went over on the website; links in previous posts.

My friend Dave Wesely, inventor of the 'Braunstein' game and play style, had to have words with a couple of people who have been selling a game that supposedly allows one to play this kind of game. From the description that had been up on RPGNow, it was nothing of the kind. The authors had not contacted Dave at all, and he had to have words with them. I e-mailed him about this, and he tells me that he's got the situation in hand.

The Missus, in addition to being a modern Florence Nightengale, has solved my problem with the hex maps for the miniatures campaign. Being the smart one in the family, she simply took the digital image she had of one of the existing hexes and 'erased' the terrain; she then printed me up a big pile of 'blank' hexes with the small hex grid, and I will now finish the big map for the campaign - I have tomorrow off, for the holiday, so i can get all this stuff for the campaign done. Finally!!!

So, lots of good news, and we're getting up and out of the recent slump. Onward!!!


  1. My friend had the gout - which was odd as he was training for a half marathon and was in excellent state of fitness. I guess it can just strike anyone really.

    I hope the next few weeks are a lot better for you.


  2. Hope you feel better soon.