Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Weekly Update - June 29th, 2015 - Wallowing in vacation time...

The campaign map

I am, as the title of this essay implies, wallowing in vacation. I have taken ten nights off, and I am enjoying myself quite a bit; this is the first time in a decade that my vacation time has not had to be programmed or otherwise expended in dealing with other peoples' emergencies - my time is now my own, and I am really enjoying it.

Most importantly, being off my sore feet has really been a blessing; I am feeling pretty good. I have also been getting a lot of sleep - on this past Sunday, I got  a whole ten hours of uninterrupted sleep! This may not sound like much, but this is the first time since the summer of 2013 that I have been able to get this much sleep at one go. It's pretty wonderful, I tell you!

I have also been able to get going again on the play-by-e-mail campaign. The map has been put together, and the hex tiles left for the players to fill in with their expectations. The tiles are loose, so I can sawp them out for more finished ones, as these are simply marked up with colored pencil for the more important features like the borders.

Which, I have to say, came as a real shock to me when I plotted them out; we're right on top of the borders with Mu'ugalavya and Pijena, so I expect to see some very interesting action ahead.

Speaking of maps, something hugely interesting came across my desk last week; I now have a copy of Craig Smith's 1974 map of his fief of Tu'umnra - something I had never seen before, and had thought long-lost. Amazing stuff, and it's been scanned and added to the mapping database.

I have also reorganized my collection of game scenery and terrain ahead of the campaign. I have divided the collection into the 'home' games, which get played in the game room on the 48" by 48" table  I built, and the 'away' games which are set up to be played in public venues. The away games are all standardized on the 30" x 60" folding tables I have, in multiples; the games 'catalog' goes like this:

60" x 90" table games:
The Battle of Ry; The Battle of the Temple of Chanis

60" x 120" table games:
The Battle of Anch'ke; The Third Battle of Mar; The Storming of Castle Tilketl; Saving Serqu's Sisters (Braunstein); Captain Harchar vs. The Hlyss Nest Ship

All of the away games use the canvas drop cloths I drew Phil's battle maps onto, with the exeception of the island game, and airbrushed to suit. The idea is to have games that are easy to set up and take down, so as to provide the maximum of play time for game events. I still have several blank drop cloths in stock, so there's room for growth.

The hme games all use the sets of terrain tiles I've salvaged from the larger tiles I made some time ago, and I've added a set of ocean tiles to the collection to cover all possible games that I can run. (Islands? Do I need to have some islands?) They also use the same scenery like trees and such that the away games use, so we have a lot of commonality between the two systems.

It's been a lot of work, but also a lot of fun. Lost more to come, as the week goes on... :)