Thursday, December 31, 2015

A Bit Of Fluff For The Holidays! - Another Work In Progress

Artfully posed: Tuleng (our star),
and planets Uletl, Riruchel, Tekumel, Shichel, Ziruna

A more 'natural' look at our star system;
I still have to detail the planets, of course.

Every now and then, even the most 'serious' modeler just has to get a little silly. I've always wanted an orrery for the Tekumel star system, ever since Phil took us to see the amazing one created by the Ancients and still in more-or-less working order out in the Tsolei Islands. (Nanotechnology is a wonderful thing.) I've been meaning to get out some dowels and some spheres for decades, but when The Missus saw this little model kit in her usual crafts store, we just could not resist. You do wind up with spare planets, as well as some parts, but I always save stuff like this 'for later' and 'just in case'.

Tekumel's star system is an artificial one; the Lords of Humanspace terra-formed it as a job for the Hokun, who have been living on other portions of the planet since it fell into the pocket dimension. The five planets are grouped into a belt that is about the same as the orbits of Venus through those of the asteroids. Uletl is a little rock ball, and Ziruna a little ice ball. Riruchel is, we think, a relatively stable planet, and of course we call Tekumel home. Shichel is a mystery; it is the largest planet in the system, but not that much bigger then either Riruchel or Tekumel. If you happen to get out that way, let us know if the place is a gas planet or a solid.

I have not modeled the moons; that's for another, larger model. Tuleng will light up, on that model.

Distances from Tuleng are shown pretty accurately, at least in the proportions. This is not, by any stretch of the imagination, a scale model.

I switched the planets around a bit from the model kit, so as to get some different detail on each planet. Now that I have the base coats on each, there will be ink washes to bring out the details; nothing fancy, just a little added extra that I like to do. I might try to add some of the planetary map to Tekumel, but we'll have to see how good I really am. In any case, it'll be under the clouds.

All of this really got started when Phil and I were talking about astrology and navigation on Tekumel. He said that they did it, and I worked out all the number-crunching to do it. Had to; we had an astrolabe, and we wanted to know how to use it...

Happy New Year!