Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Chirine At Work - Part-way Through

The job in progress. I still have to bind the books.

Showing my usual lack of self-restraint when it comes to model-building, I fell to with the TRE Games kits after I posted about them to this blog. I used a tacky craft glue, which you can get at all better crafts stores - just ask; tell them you're a model railroader / railway modeler, and they'll understand - and it took about two hours to build everything you see here. One does have to be careful when popping the parts out of the matrix; like any laser-cut parts, they can be fragile. One really nice thing about these kits is that you do get spares of any really delicate bits.

The bench and stool kit gives you six benches, all different, and ten stools of three types. The table kit yields three tables, all of slightly different style. The 'closed' bookcase, on the left, has four shelves, sides, and back; the 'open' bookcase, which frankly sort of scared me when I opened it, has four shelves and is open on all for sides. Both bookshelves come with little blocks to use as books, and what I think is pretty cool are the wrap-around covers; all the books will look a little different on the shelf.

The cabinet comes with doors, and in the photo you can see that they are slightly open. Let's be honest; any group of player-characters crashing into a room with one of these in it is going to have those doors off in three-tenths of a second, if only to get at the goodies in the cabinet. And then they'll use the doors as shields when the annoyed owner of the goodies shows up to see what all the noise is. ("Pesky player-characters!" - Prof. M. A. R. Barker, after a particularly annoying Thursday night.) So, I glued magnetic material on the backs of the doors, and all the way around the frame, so that we can have the doors open and available as separate items.

I will confess that I did use a bit of 'specialist gear' for the open bookshelf. The steel assembly tray is part of my arsenal of model building tools, and usually gets used for making sure that my railway buildings are all plumb; you use the magnets to secure the parts while the glue sets. With this rig, the bookshelf took about five very easy minutes to assemble, instead of the half-hour of fumbling agony that I was expecting the job to take.

I am, I will freely admit, quite taken with these little kits. They go together really easily, are reasonably strong, and have a delicate look to them that I really like. The closed bookshelf and the cabinet look to be strong enough to support the weight of figures, so I expect we'll see some swashbuckling next melee.

(I was so excited by these kits that I clean forgot to mention that I am on vacation this week, so I have plenty of time for this sort of tomfoolery.)

Happy Holidays!