Sunday, January 10, 2016

1/10/16 - Not A Weekly Update

All, right, then; bring on the Milumanayani...

There is no post for today, as I am working the football game - Vikings vs. Seahawks, I'm told, in what's supposed to be the last NFL game I have to work. It's a whole -4F outside, and I am taking precautions...

More later!


  1. From reading your earlier posts, I knew you worked the Vikes games. As a Seattle fan, I feel I should say something about the game and result, which I know was terribly disappointing to Minnesotans...but it's tough to find the right words.

    I guess I'd just like to say that the Vikings exhibited a lot of class and courage in a very difficult game. They weren't blown out of their own stadium like the Texans, and they didn't exhibit the terrible behavior shown by the Bengals, nor did they take their opponent for granted like Washington. Zimmer's squad played well, with very few gaffes, and now they have a taste of the playoffs and some experience for a quarterback that was in his teens the last time Minnesota won a post-season game.

    I realize that must be little consolation (as were any flowers thrown the Seahawks' way after last year's Super Bowl loss). For a sports fan, there's little as final and disappointing as a loss in the playoffs. But there IS something positive to be taken from a season that exceeds most pundits' expectations of a last place finish in the division; and expectations for next year should be a lot higher, all things considered.

    Anyway, I hope you still have function in all your fingers...I enjoy your posts.

    [my hope extends to your other extremities as well]

  2. Great comment! Thank you!

    I thought that it was a great game - I am not a sports fan, but I like a well-played game that goes right down to the wire. I saw a little of the Bengal's gaffe on the field, and had to shake my head and walk away. I've seen too many RPGs and miniatures games go that way, and I didn't need to see that kind of thing in professional sports.

    I did stay warm, as I take a lot of precautions. I am very glad that it's likely to be my last Sunday game - I am looking forward to not being an 'on-call' person... :)