Wednesday, January 20, 2016

The Weekly Update - 1/20/16 - My, We've Been Busy!

Someody's country house?

Well, here it is the middle of the week, already, and I'm late with the news. So, without further ado...

First off, I am pleased to report that I am a grandfather again; Eldest Daughter has been delivered of little Naomi, my first granddaughter. Both are doing just fine, and I will have photos when they become available.

Secondly, I have just had my annual physical and exam, and my doctor is please to announce that my health is actually very good; my blood pressure, that all-important critical factor, is down to - wait for it!

108 over 65

This is, for readers of this blog, pretty big news; I used to be normally at 150 over 90, in 'cruise mode', and being down this low indicates that I am likely to be around for a while longer. The medical authorities believe that my largely disengaging from the gaming world and the absurd levels of stress therein are what's behind this, as well as the pile of pills that I take every twelve hours.

I have to admit, I like the quiet of the 'new regime'. I have a lot more time to write - the book is up to over 122,000 words across the six volumes, and I'm currently in Book Four working on the 'Affair of the Malchairan Emerald' in which Phil threw a pretty wild adventure and (as usual) nearly got us all killed.

I'm also getting back to some nice modeling projects that have taken a very back seat to the usual 'OMIGODWETMYPANTSEMERGENCY!!!" sort of thing that I've been having to deal with for people for years - the big Sakbe road set will get done this spring, for example - and I'm finally having the time for old friends and new ones.

It's quiet. I like quiet.