Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Weekly Update - March 2, 2016 - Part One: There's A Lot Going On, Here!

Something from Dave Wesely;
A good solid little set of medieval rules

Bases, beds, and beyond;
more from TRE Games

There is a lot going on, here at the Workbench, and I've got three posts for you; two comments came in on the last update that really need longer answers, so these will follow in a bit.

First off, I bumped into Dave Wesley, the creator of Braunstein, and he had copies of the set of rules that some fans had put out a while back. I got a copy, and he was kind enough to autograph it for me. It's the first one he sold, of the first print run of this edition, and I'm delighted to have a copy for my library.

I also got the new 'low beds' kit from TRE Games; more on that in a moment. I really like these kits; they are easy to assemble, look really nice, and are very, very staisfying to make and use. I really like them, and I'll have more on the line. I also saw his new 28mm windmill kit, and it's simply spectacular!

Also from TRE Games are some bases with details etched into them. He offers these in a variety of sizes and shapes; I use 25mm rounds for my RPG / personality humans, so these re very welcome. Two varieties of stone flooring, and one of planking; I'll be using these for the very special figures in the collection - photos to follow!

Right! Onward!