Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The Weekly Update - March 2nd, 2016 - Part Three: Scales and Furniture

The TRE Games furniture line -
TRE Games, the IKEA of gaming?
And a second comment:

Michael S February 25, 2016 at 10:11 AM
I couldn't find their furniture on the website... it looks like that is true 25mm compatible!

I couldn't, either, and I'll mention it to Tim next time I e-mail him. I suspect he's so busy making new products that he simply hasn't updated his website yet.

He e-mailed to let me know that he'd restocked his line at The Source - I have my spiral staircases! - and he mentioned that he has a tavern furniture set and a graveyard set coming; there's a set of very nice coffins available, as well. I'll see if I can't get catalog numbers and descriptions for you.

Size-wise, yes, I think that all of the line looks good next to my 25mm Ral Parthas and other figures from Ye Olden Dayes. I also - following up on your comment - compared them to some of the newer 28mm figures I have, and while some of the furniture looks small - the stools, specifically - the rest of the line seems to look fine with them as well.

Personally, I prefer 'scenery' items to be a little 'scaled down', as they take up less room on the game table that way. My buildings and such are a little 'under scale' for my 28s, but just fine for the smaller 'true 25' figures; I prefer to have more buildings and their contents on the table, as the variety provides for more fun and chances for misadventure for the players. I find that the stools, as well as the tables and benches, look to be just the right size to be used in a melee - they look good in the miniature's hand, and seem to be, in my eyes, just the right size to throw across a crowded room to help a comrade who's being menaced by the bad guys.

(One thing I might do is put some of my tiny rare-earth magnets in the bottoms of the stools, as they are very light and easy to move, and hide steel plates under all of my carpets...)

I really, really like this line! I get a lot of satisfaction from assembling the kits; they go together in no time flat, and look really good 'as is'. I did get a second set of both kits of crates - you never, ever, have enough crates, boxes, barrels, huge jars, etc., etc. for the players to explore! - and built them with the lids in the open position. More possibilities, that way!

Widening the scope a bit, I free mix 25mm and 28mm figures on my game table. I tend not to mix them in units, mostly because I tend to order unit-sized lots, but they look all right when you have them milling around on the table - and when the game really gets going hot and heavy, nobody seems to notice the difference at all; we're just too much into the action!


  1. All this furniture talk just hit me. When I start to work out a description of a room in Jakalla, I always have to stop and re-imagine it. No chairs, mats. No beds, mats. No tables, tableclothes spread on the floor. Right? So, while I use furniture in standard medieval games, I don't for Jakalla. Right? Are you just using these minis because they're fun, or is furniture in use in Jakalla? (I don't care about Yan Kor or Livyanu or even Bey Su -- not planning on leaving Jakalla.)

    1. You are correct - there is very little furniture, in the way we usually understand it. I have an entire room full of Tsolyani furniture in the basement; chests, drapes, little tables, mats, rugs, candle lamps, everything for gracious living in Jakalla. A long time ago, we wanted to do this as our 'trade show booth', to give people an idea what life was like and to have some fun.

      The really nice thing about these kits is that I can repurpose them for Jakalla; the stools work nicely as my small tables, the bunk beds as shelves down in the storage rooms, and the larger tables as, well, tables in the shop or my command tent when on campaign. Same little models, just different uses and names to suit the Jakalla setting

      Rugs and mats are even easier; The Missus went to a couple of websites with 'oriental' rugs, and printed off a batch of them for me in the right sizes for my miniatures. They look really good, and the rooms look good with the little bits of furniture set out on them.

      You know, what you said - maybe I should set up my Tsolyani room, and post pictures???

  2. Thanks! I agree, once the figures hit the table, I see everything pretty even, although some of the figures now are creeping closer to 30mm and there is a visible difference. I don't mind so much...


    ... except in Battletech. I have mostly the older true 6mm 'Mechs, but my friend has bought the more recent Iron Wind Metal 'Mechs and those suckers are closer to 10mm/15mm in size! Who knew you could puff on your 'Mech thumb and increase in size/tonnage?!?

  3. Agreed! I do agree with you about the battle tech models - scale seems to make a real difference, there!

    Liked your figure, too; I'll comment on Google+ for you, too... :)