Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Weekly Update - Sunday, March 13, 2016 - Colds, Chairs, and Philosophy

'Period' chairs, from TRE Games.
Yes, they really are that tiny and that detailed.

The title for this post may be misleading; I am suffering through what is most likely a nasty sinus infection (right orbital, to be precise) or an even nastier head cold. I feel rotten, I am just now getting the use of my right eye bak, and I think that this particular post may have more then the usual number of typos that my dyslexia causes. Bear with me, if you would, and thank you for your patience!

The Missus, despite her not feeling well either this weekend, has been dosing me with lots of orange juice and a new set of 25mm / 28mm furniture from TRE Games. This is set 28H022, of three 'tall' and three 'goblet' chairs. These are, I will freely admit, quite the thing to assemble - you are going to want the tweezers from the medicine cabinet, for these. I was, and am still, simply amazed by these, as I grew up with the cast metal RPG furniture made by such firms as Grenadier and Citadel; in order for the molten metal to flow into the mold cavities, the parts have to be of a certain minimum thickness - which is why, up till now, most miniature furniture looks as if it could be used as siege equipment. (And usually is, given the tendencies of players to use anything within reach as an improvised weapon or shield.)

These laser-cut wooden kits, on the other hand, look like scaled-down versions of the furniture you'd expect to see in any well-appointed stronghold or wizard's tower; they look very delicate, but are actually pretty strong and durable. (Don't ask me how I know this.) I really like the look of the kits, the assortment of furniture available, the satisfaction I get from their assembly, and the really nice price point of the kits. I am, as they say, a happy customer.

Now, having said all that, I can hear you asking "But, they don't have chairs on Tekumel, do they?"

Well, no, not in the Five Empires; the chieftains of the Nylss, in their mountain strongholds, do have pretty big and elaborate seating things - okay, chairs - that look and are used as their thrones; everybody else sits on the usual seating stuff you find all over, or stands. (They have beds, too, but that's another post.) I have some of these myself, as one never does know when one might be visiting these local dignitaries and one might need to do their throne rooms. Reaper is a good source for these - they have one that looks for all the world like Conan on the throne of Aquilonia - and other companies have made these over the years as well. In general, though, we don't really see some of the expected types of furniture on Tekumel that we'd normally expect we'd see.

Now, in Blackmoor, though...

One of the hazards of sailing around with Captain Harchar was Dave Arneson's complete and total lack of self-control in regards to the 'dimension hopper' device that he found in the wreck of the Hlyss nest ship - and that little notion, by the way, gave us nightmares for years afterwards - and his casual habit of pushing the buttons on the thing to see where it would take us. Which eventually - no surprise, really - saw us floating in Blackmoor Bay, dealing with Gertie the Great Golden Dragon, and eventually docking in the town itself.

Which takes us back to the chairs. We amble over to the Comeback Inn, and we're faced with these odd things that the locals invite us to sit down on. "Chairs", they call them; Vrisa, who was raised right, coos "How quaint!" in her best 'Princess slumming it with the peasants' voice and makes herself at home. It's odd, but we manage to adapt to the local customs when we're there. Mats and cushions, that's for me...

So, that's why I have chairs and beds in my stock of scenic accessories. I like to have whatever might be needed to 'dress the set', as they say in theater, so having the best on offer these days from TRE Games is right along what I've been doing for all these years. One of these days, I'll get my idea for working torches and lanterns done, and we're back into the Underworld...

The list I have for the sets, which is not at all 'official', runs like this:

28H000   Coffins
28H001   Bookshelf 01
28H002   Bookshelf 02
28H003   Round tables and stools
28H004   Long benches
28H005   Long tables
28H006   Cabinet
28H007   ???
28H008   Bunk beds 001 - triples
28H009   Bunk beds 002 - doubles
28H010   Low beds?
28H011   Circular staircase (Three dimensional!!!)
28H012   Spiral stair (flat double-sided tile)
28H021 01   Crates 01
28H021 02   Crates 02
28H022   Chairs

I'll update this as I get new information.

And with that, I'm off for more orange juice...