Monday, June 13, 2016

Update to the Weekly Update - Sunday, June 12th, 2016 - It's been a very, very tough day...

I dunno. It's how I feel, tonight.

It has been a much longer and much tougher day then I thought that it would be. I did today's post this morning, before I looked at the news and saw what happened in Orlando.

We've checked in with family and friends, and everybody seems to be safe. We are still waiting to hear from all of the friends of friends, and this is not going as well as I'd like to hope.

I don't have any brilliant words about this atrocity. There will be a lot of them splashed around for a while, and I don't know if I can add anything that would be meaningful, helpful, or even useful. If I do, I'll see if I can articulate how I feel.

Got out to Pete's visitation, this afternoon, and talked about him and his influence on gaming and on me for something like three hours. Dave Wesely kept egging me on, with "Hey - remember the time..." and I'd be off again telling people how much Pete set the tone and conduct of our gaming. Turned out that I was being the storyteller for his family and friends, which was a startling thing for me; all I thought was telling what I knew of a very smart, very talented, and very funny guy. Grandchildren, nieces, and nephews' we all laughed, had a pretty good time, and remembered a man who shaped out hobby.

Lux Aeterna.

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