Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Weekly Update - July 31st, 2016 - This and That

Life on the Lushomon Canal, near Butrus. More boats...

It has been a pretty nice week, here at the Workbench. I am getting used to my new work schedule, and it's dovetailing nicely with the new(er) gaming interests that have been coming my way. I am very pleased with things; the weather has been nice, I've gotten in some very good gaming, and projects that have been hanging fire are finally getting done.

I have, for example, finally finished painting and basing the Foundry 'Assyrian Siege Mantlets' (Foundry #ASS038) that I had gotten in a series of E-bay auctions almost a decade ago. I like doing siege equipment - which is all Phil's fault, I think - and I have pavis and mantlet sets for the Tsolyani and Yan Koryani, with more 'generic' sets for everybody else. The archers that I got went into the Salarvyani army; as Craig Smith's original drawings look very Assyrian, I thought that they'd be most useful there.

This is part of a long-term plan to rebase and refurbish / refinish all of my siege train; it's been years since this has had any attention, and I'm finding that if I take the process in small steps, things tend to get done a lot faster. I'm at a point in my gaming life where all the really large projects are mostly done - with one exception - and so taking things more slowly has been a pretty relaxing way to unwind.

I am also getting back into writing, and moving along with "To Serve The Petal Throne". The two areas of activity are very closely related - the book gives me ideas for miniatures, and the miniatures bring back memories of the adventures that they were created for. As I have noted elsewhere, one of the main reasons why my collection is so large and diverse is that I had a week between game sessions out at Phil's to make whatever had happened or been seen in the game sessions. After a while, it all added up as you can see from the various photos here and on my Photobucket page.

Another project / activity has also been pretty satisfying. There's a thread I'm doing over on the RPG site ( called "Questioning Chirine ba Kal", where I try to answer any and all questions as best as I can. The thread has been active for about a year, and it was pointed out that we are now up to over 400 pages, over 4,000 posts,  and over 70,000 views. I'd like to think this is because of the sheer excellence of Phil's Tekumel, and not anything I've done; as I've said on a number of occasions, all I'm able to do is tell you what I saw Phil do in his campaign when I played in it; it's up to you, as he himself said, to make of that what you will... :)