Monday, July 18, 2016

The Weekly Update - Monday, July 18th, 2016 - Of Wooden (Laser-cut) Ships and Iron (Portcullis) Men

More from TRE Games!

Lots of news, this week, and if it's all right, we'll dive right in!

 I've now had my first week in the new job, and I can say that I am really enjoying it. Yes, I do come home tired, but it's a good tired. My health is markedly improving, I'm getting more sleep, and I think I've made a good move. I am, as they say, a happy camper.

I was at the Minnesota Miniature Gamers Association' quarterly meeting - Recon - and played in a game of "Close Action!" rum by Mr. T. Arndt. It was great!!! Three of us old hands from the Conflict Simulation Association and three 'younger' players, amongst five ships - one player arrived late, so I offered him my ship, and I took on the role of the Spanish Commodore. It was 1777, and we were trying to get away from the Portugese squadron off Uruguay. We were bigger, and thus slower, but we had a lot more guns. The net result was that both squadrons got battered about pretty well, and lots and lots of reports had to be sent to Lisbon and Madrid.

It was a wonderful game, and reminded me of the nights at Coffman Union, all those years ago. A truly wonderful day!!!

TRE Games has come out with a pair of new products - a larger portcullis, and a set of three triremes, all in their laser-cut wood. I have the smaller versions of the working portcullis, and it's one of those little detail items that really makes an underworld adventure special. This larger one would be founf in more important areas, and it'll work just fine. I am very happy to have these!!!

The trireme kits gets you three ships for $8.00, and is - in my opinion - very good value for money. Each ship is built up in layers, and has alternate oars; you also get several sets of parts for the masts, so as to have spares, and there's a sheet of a dozen different sets of sails. These are very elegant little kits, and I'll say a lot more about them when I start talking about my little fleet of model ship...

More to come! :)