Sunday, August 28, 2016

More Updates For Today!

The vertical extender, reinforced - LED lights installed

Lighting tested; color scheme by Jon Pertwee

The result; the Cursed Pyramid of Phil-ho-tep awaits...
Every now and then I do manage to finish a project; this time around, I've added reinforcements to the underside of the solid deck of the vertical table extender. The problem was that the sheet of Masonite that forms the deck was bowing in the middle, creating an inadvertent crater in the middle of things. Not that it affected play, but it did look just a trifle odd.

So, digging around in the pile(s) of loose lumber, I glued some planking to the underside of the deck sheet, and added a strip down the middle to set up the central lighting strip to. Since the deck has to be removable so I can swap it out for the sheet of transparent Plexiglass that I use for the underwater game, the reinforces don;t extent all the way to the edges of the deck; I doubt that this will be an issue, as the deck sheet is stable enough over short spans. The Plexiglass sheet does not have this bowing problem, by the way; it's thicker and more rigid, and doesn't seem to need any reinforcement.

To help the LED lights out, I painted the bottom of the deck and the strips with white ceiling paint - every household seems to have a half-used can of this sitting around - and then reinstalled the lighting. I may vary the order of the colors; the final shot shows the finished result, and I think the rear of the lower level looks a little dim with just the two blue sections and a red one covering it. On the other hand, having the Underworld fade off into the darkness is, I think, kind of a nice touch and I may just leave things alone and get on with other projects - "good enough is good enough", as we used to say at the theater.

And with that, the Cursed Pyramid of Phil-ho-tep sits in the midst of the trackless jungles awaiting a party of adventurers brave enough, clever enough, strong enough, and foolhardy enough to plumb it's mysteries.

(It's a cursed pyramid because I used to curse every time I moved the thing around; the four levels kept sliding off each other and I used to have to juggle them to keep them off the floor. Self-adhesive magnetic pads were the answer, courtesy of Neal Cauley of Phoenix Games - the pads are actually magnetic basing material that he pointed me to.)

And now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to shamble around chanting "Phil-ho-tep! Phil-ho-tep! Ya, Ya, Phil-ho-tep!"