Tuesday, September 6, 2016

The Weekly Update - Tuesday, September 6th, 2016 - The Holiday Weekend & Cheating At Dice

Open-cell foam and acrylic filler; the perfect combination

I've had a very nice holiday, with a lot of catching up on sleep and getting projects done. Lots of movement on a lot of fronts, and a little project that I really should have done forty years ago - a model of the Weapon Without Answer, Baron Ald's mysterious black box that featured in our early adventures with Phil and in his novel "Man of Gold". I have no idea why we didn't do this, back in the day; it's a simple little project: foam cube, sealed with filler, sanded smooth and covered with black fabric or paper and 'embroidered' in Yan Koryani.

The shipyard is also back in action, with two new hulls on the ways. Not my usual subjects, this time, but something to go with the Barsoomian air skiffs that I made a while back. Our Heroes will be able to travel in style, I hope!

I'm now up to 126,000+ words on "To Serve The Petal Throne", and I keep steaming away on the thing. I'm pretty pleased; the re-write of the Affair of the Malchairan Emerald is going very well, with our intrepid explorers off in a tubeway car.

The laundry room is now all cleaned up; I can get my power tools out to use them,  and still be able to wash clothes. Sounds a little silly, but with Fifth Daughter expected on these shores in a couple of months I need to get ready for a third person in the house - who may want to wash her clothes, from time to time.

Let's see, what else got done...

My little fleet of Skyline displays got sorted out and prepared for action; I have been booked to make two personal appearances, where I'll be talking about the history of gaming here in the Twin Cities, Blackmoor and Dave Arneson, and of course Tekumel and Prof. Barker. The displays will show off materials related to this, and also provide a backdrop for my answering people's questions. Quick, fast, and easy - and somebody else is doing all the logistics and organization.

One negative incident, which I prefer to find laughable and amusing: the good folks at the Tekumel Foundation are telling people that I cheat at dice, which is why Chirine was so successful out at Phil's in his campaign. Personally, I find this laughable, given Phil's gaming style, and a little sad that they seem to feel the need to have to spread this kind of rumor and innuendo. On the other hand, these same people have been doing this kind of thing for decades; I once asked them why they did it, and got two very interesting answers:

"You do everything you do so well, you make us look bad."

"Of course we bad-mouth you; that's what we'd do if we were in your position."

 Ah, me. We're back in the days of The Finger-Pointing and Jeering Committee, one of the saddest features of local gaming and fandom.

Will I do anything about this? No; I have better things to do with my time, like write, build things, run games, and tell my stories.