Monday, October 10, 2016

Blowing off the dust; hidden treasures...

Yep. That's where this all started.

I thought that you, my gentle readers, might be amused to see something we uncovered in the living room this past weekend. It's been sitting there for around a decade, holding up all the gloves, scarves, and hats that are part and parcel of life hereabouts during our winters. It's a little wooden desk; the top has been cleaned up a bit, and I would guess that it doesn't look like much.

Except for one thing. That's the original Chirine's Workbench, bought second-hand right about the time I started painting figures in earnest, and right about the time I started working for Dave Arneson at Adventure Games.

Like me, it's a little older and a little more beat-up, but still serviceable. It's been replaced by the much larger and sturdier workbench that the Missus got for me, but you know, I think I still like this old desk.

I think, if nobody minds, I'll seal the top with a new coat of finish and paint some figures on it...


  1. And then you need to include the desk as "treasure" in an adventure.

    1. Oh! Great idea! Can you imagine the looks on the players' faces when they realize what they have been risking life and limb for?

      Hmmm. Styrene or wooden model... :)

  2. I know it's just a collection of wood cobbled together but to me it is a thing of beauty!

    1. Thank you! I managed to delete my first reply to you...

      This is what used to be called a 'student desk', and I don't know if they are still around. I think I still have the last of the many chairs that I used with this; I think it's in the game room.

      I used to work on the left; brushes in jars - bristles upright! - on the right, paints in trays on the shelves, tools and glues in the drawers.

      I think I'd like to clear a space in the workshop, reunite chair and desk, and do a little painting... :)