Sunday, October 9, 2016

Tim At TRE Games Does It Again!!!

I'm having the vapors over this model...

It has been a truly wonderful weekend, and I'm pretty darn happy; there have been all too few weekends like this of late, what with both the Missus and I having health issues. Getting the wreckage cleared, and the living room reset has hugely improved our health and our morale. The icing on the cake came this evening; I give Second Daughter a ride to work, as transport is an issue for her, and I try to stop by The Source (my FLGS) to see what's new.

Tim over at TRE Games had stocked a set of biremes - about 1/400 scale? - to go with his pack of triremes mentioned in these pages; you get three for $8.00, and they look very nice. The big - and I do mean big - news was that he's done a 28mm scale trireme kit. The kit retails for $80, and it's simply huge; something like fifteen sheets of parts, and two pages of instructions.

The thing is huge, by gaming standards; it looks to be about two feet long, over all, and about four to five inches wide. The oars - and you get a lot of oars - will make it about six inches wide, I think. Parts are all, as usual for Tim, neatly cut and practically fall out of the sheets. Get out some wood glue, and we're in for a very happy time in the shipyard.

This model is especially attractive both for the very reasonable cost and for the vast amount of playable space on the top- and mid- decks. (You can't play the lower hold, but that's what paper plans are for.) The oars are all separate, so there's an immense amount of 'play value' there for hapless character to fall overboard and clutch at oars as they drift. Boarding actions, sea voyages, and treasure hunts all suggest themselves for several historical periods and for Hollywood 'Sword and Sandal'-style epics - in Technicolor, of course! - with everybody from Helen of Troy to Queen Cleopatra setting sail and telling the rowers to go a little faster.

This is, right out of the zip-loc bag, a model to dream about. I'll be taking this one very slowly, getting it right, and I'll take lots of pictures of the process.

The sheer size of this model is also perfect for me; it's halfway between my treasured old urethane foam liburnians that I got in the late 1980s at an Origins convention, and the vast (at some three feet long) Nemesis galley I built. She's sleek and fast, from the looks of her, and I think will see a lot of use in games. Both the Missus and Third Daughter have seen the kit, and both love the look of the galley; I think we'll score this one a success...

Break out the life jackets, and stand by for action!