Sunday, November 6, 2016

The Weekly Update - Sunday, November 6th, 2016 - Post #400, Would You Believe It?

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Well, well, well, here we are at post #400. As I have mentioned, this is the second edition of this little effort; the old Workbench blog was taken down during the legal troubles we had with some 'friends' some years back, and this has been the revived version that we put back up some months later.

A lot of things have changed, over those 400 posts; The game group that I started for some friends back in 2002 died in 2015 due to some pretty nasty politics, and some very insensitive and inappropriate actions on the part of several people. As an old friend has been heard to remark, "No gaming is better then bad gaming!" So, we've had no gaming here at the Workbench since December of last year; there may be some coming up, but nothing like on the scale or intensity that we used to have. I am letting the gamers organize up what they want, and just being available on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sunday afternoons for people. You want to game you organize it.

All of my archives are in digital format, so I'll be culling the paper archives and disposing of the surplus copies; no sense filling the shelves with paper that I rarely look at, I think. I'll keep one pristine copy of everything fort the future, of course.

My painting is picking back up, after a long 'dry spell'. Lots of great figures out there, and I paint what I like for the games that I want to run. Photos and posts as I get things done.

The game room and lounge have been substantially rebuilt. Now that the living room is once again able to be used for guests, we're moving the 'movie nights' upstairs and keeping the big 40" screen in the basement for gaming use - with a selection of my favorite flicks, just because.

Guests are still welcome, but we will admit that we've become very careful about who we let in the house. We've had some really bad experiences over the past few years, so we're being a lot more restrictive. It does cut down on losses, breakage, and legal bills, so from our standpoint it's been a great success.

My book continues to chug along; I hope to have it done by this coming spring. We'll see.

This blog continues, as a way to let everyone know what we're doing; it's your blog as much as it is mine, so please feel free to let me know what you'd like to see - and we'll be on for another 400 posts!

- Chirine