Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Back Home...

My Missus, bless her...

Just a short update; the Missus and I are back home after her biopsy. Because of her underlying health issues, any kind of invasive procedure is a high-risk activity, so we had been a little concerned. However, she did just fine, and is now simply lying down and being comfortable.

We'll get the pathology results back on Friday, but both she and her doctors are very pleased; this has been caughter much earlier then her last bout, and the feeling is that she'll do all that much better as she goes into treatment as a result.

So, that's the news from this morning. Back to our regularly scheduled programming, I hope... :)


  1. Very good news, Chirine! I wish you and your family an excellent New Year and no major worries at all. Microworries are much more fun (e.g. chosing between these miniatures or those other miniatures made in the UK, stuff like that).
    Not wanting to run games at conventions isn't cranky at all, it's just practical. Who has fifteen hundred Kaitars to spare for one weekend of gaming? For that price I can run three years' worth of home games with elaborate terrain and an avalanche of new minis... ☝ūüėĀ
    Love your Holiday Flamingos BTW. It's awesome. I want that for next year!!! ūüėĄ

  2. Thank you! We've had very good news - see today's short note - and we're in pretty good shape. I'm hoping for a much better year this year then last, and I'm pretty optimistic.

    It's the costs of the hotel rooms that are the killer; at the usual rates, I simply can't afford it, and I'm getting too old to be able to sleep in the van like I used to...

    We like stuff like the lights and flamingos; we decorate for the Tsolyani New Year, likewise. This year, we'll get out the Flaming Tiki Heads... :)