Friday, December 23, 2016

Of Sakbe Roads and Holiday Sales

Lemax brick and cobblestone roadway strips

Lemax cobblestone sheets; also in brickwork, too
It's the time of the year when all sorts of useful things go on sale, and my little excursion today was no exception. I was out getting the Missus some goodies for this holiday weekend, when I spotted one of the common 'Christmas Village' displays we see at this time of the year.

One of the larger ranges of this kind of thing is made by Lemax, and over the years I have gotten some really great scenery items from them. They have a very useful on-line catalog:

They have a nice range of trees and scenic stuff that is very useful; it's all supposed to be scaled for their roughly 54mm figurines, but for items like trees and their foam scenic stands it's not an issue.

As regular readers will have been seeing, I'm currently in the throes of finally (!) getting the big Sakbe road set done. I have been dreading doing all of the stonework texture needed for the project, and then I recalled these sheets of brickwork and stonework from Lemax. I already had two of each, and I picked up two more of each today. This should give me enough to get the foam roadway sections done - I'll repaint the sheets, of course, but that's easy.

I use a little paint on the Lemax trees, too. They usually come with 'snow' on the branches, but a quick spray with a green tempera paint - I use either a spray bottle of my airbrush - and they look properly green for our games. I also do the same thing with their conifers, too, but with black tempera to match Phil's descriptions of the conifers found in Yan Kor and places farther north. These trees are, I have found over the past decade, nearly indestructible in gaming service, and they do look good; I do base them on irregular cuts of MDF, and ad a little scenic cover to the bases; photos of all this on my Photobucket page, as seen in various games.

I also have the same company's 'moss' and 'ocean' sheets; these are a little more 'specialized' in their scenic uses, but I still like having them. Especially at this time of the year, when the sales are on...

Happy Holidays! More to come!

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