Monday, December 26, 2016

On The Fourth Day Of Christmas...

Ever get that 'army on the march' feeling?

It has been the last day of my official holiday, and it has been productive. No serious modeling has gotten done, but I did install the new ceiling light fixture in the 'spare room'/'dorm room' after a short trip out to the nearby IKEA. The fixture that had been in there was a ceiling fan with light, and we thought that having a daughter sleeping in an IKEA loft bed above the Whirling Blades Of Death was a not very good idea. So, the fan is out, the new light is in, and I got all the rest of our furniture out of the room and out into the rest of the house. There's a lot of small stuff, but that's all easy to deal with. And I have a three-day holiday for New Year's coming up, so we should be more or less ready for the arrival of Fifth Daughter a week from tomorrow.

The Missus has, as part of the final budget for the 2016 fiscal year, ordered up the five new figures from Bronze Age; Helium's navy and their pirate foes will soon be getting additional figures, and I really should break out the desktop band saw and get to cutting all those eighth-ray lift vanes. Lots of Plexiglass will get cut up, and I'll most likely do the transparent bases for all of my sailing ships and galleys at the same time. I tend to group jobs by the tools used, and a weekend of cutting away on Plexiglass seems like a good way to spend some good modeling time.

Speaking of ships, in the photo you can see the TRE Games biremes and triremes that come three to a pack and are nifty little models. They are larger in scale then the metal castings I've had for years, but that's all right by me; I doubt I'll be mixing the two sets on the table, unless we have a really huge naval battle. (See also "Ben Hur", in both the silent and technicolor versions.)

I also have tomorrow off, due to the Missus' medical appointment, but I expect to be hback to a more or less regular schedule later this week. The rain finally stopped; it's colder, but much more of a respectable climate for Minnesota in the winter...

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