Sunday, December 18, 2016

The Weekly Update - Sunday, December 18th, 2016 - How Cold Is It? Well...

Dreaming of warm weather...

It's been so cold hereabouts that I walked out the front door to run the van - which I have to do every six hours or so to make sure that it will start - and my bi-focal sunglasses shattered. Low last night had an air temperature of -22F, and a wind chill of -35F to -40F. And just before the cold weather hit, we got about six inches of snow, so I was out yesterday with the little electric snow-blower clearing the walks and front steps; we also had a snow emergency, so I had to move the van around to give the city's snowplows room to work. As we're getting back up into the +20F range tomorrow (!), I'll be out putting the hockey puck sized salt tablets in all of the roof's gutters to keep from getting ice dams and water into the house.

Ah, the joys of being a homeowner! :)

All of this domestic activity has meant that nothing of any import or substance in the modeling department has gotten done; being out in these low temperatures really saps my energy, so I've been concentrating on simple survival. Which is really the important thing right now, as I was informed late this past week that Fifth Daughter will be arriving from Zurich on January 3rd, and we need to have her room in at least inhabitable shape ahead of her arrival. Her vast collection of worldly goods will arrive in New York for customs examination tomorrow, and will be off-loaded here at the house sometime in the next few weeks. So, we're going to be pretty busy for a while!

However, I do have one bit of miniatures news. Bronze Age Miniatures has updated some of their 'Dead Earth Citizen' figures, and they can be seen here:

The ladies in grey primer,  #5 thru #9, are all new, and I am reliably informed by The Missus that I will be getting these ordered as a Christmas present. We've been getting all of these figures since they started coming out, and we really like them. Full of 'charm', with great animation and heaps of weapons for those desperate adventures.

More to come, once I get caught up!

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  1. I empathize Chirine! We were down to a balmy, comparatively speaking, -18C up here the other night, which if memory serves is about 0F. All I did was go out and do the snow (with my handy 21" Snow Thrower), and hide in the hobby room painting minis. Fortunately, it is conveniently located near the furnace. Brrrrr!!!!!