Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Weekly Update - Sunday, December 25th, 2016 - Christmas Day, 2016

The van's soggy. The walks are soggy. I'm soggy.

I wasn't kidding about the holiday flamingos. They move, too.

It's raining. Actually raining.  I had to run the van a bit to dry it out, and I'll be happier when we change over to light snow in a few hours. Everything is wet and soggy, here, and I'm doing what I can to keep pace with things.

We still have Fifth Daughter arriving in a week, and I'm moving the last of my books out of what will be her room and into other shelves; she may need the shelves, so we'll keep them in place for now.

It's been a very relaxed holiday for us, which is all to the good. Earlier this past week, the Missus got the results of her annual MRI checkup back, and they did find 'something'; she's going in for a biopsy on Tuesday. She and her doctors are very optimistic; they found this very early, and she should respond  to treatment as well as she did the last time around. We have hope, and we're going to go into this with all the courage we can muster.

People keep asking me why I don't do a lot of convention gaming; my reply is brutally simple. All of our disposable income, beyond our respective Birthday and Christmas Funds, goes to her medical care. (Mine too, but I'm actually pretty cheap to maintain.) Doing a convention trip, with all the related expenses of travel, food, and lodging, means that we have to give up something else in the monthly and annual budgets - things like food, utilities, and medications. Fifth Daughter, bless her, understands this and will be paying her share of the household's running costs - which will still be light-years cheaper then living on her own.

When you see a new product go by here at the Workbench, it's because the Missus and I made a very deliberate decision to make the purchase and debit the appropriate budget cost center. Our backing the 'Temple of Set' Indiegogo was billed out quite some time ago, as was the TRE Games trireme and the Forge of Ice set. I have the Missus review all of the figures and stuff I get; if she doesn't like them, we don't fund the purchase and pass up the item(s).

All of this lead to the Event Guide that I have done for people, and why we don't travel much. As I've said before, if you want to game with us, organize something and we'll reserve the time for you. Sorry if that sounds 'cranky' but that's the state of our lives, these days.

be that as it may, it's been a good holiday, with tomorrow yet to come.

Watching "Ben-Hur", today; already had the big parades and the sea battle, and we're on to the horse race...

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