Tuesday, December 6, 2016

The Yearly Update - December 6th, 1956 - Six Decades, Would You Believe It?

You must read this book. Period.

From Forge Of Ice - "A sleazy merchant and his guards"

It is my sixtieth birthday today, and I am delighted to be around to enjoy it - especially after the brain bleed four years ago. I'm a little older, and a little more dyslexic, and I don't do being cold anymore, but that's it. I am very lucky to be alive, and to be here for my family.

The family, for their part, has showered me with felicitations and sundry gifts. You've seen Akho, the new TRE Games trieme model, which came out of The Birthday Fund, and the wonderful "Temple of Set" figures from Dark Fable Miniatures, which also came out of the same source. I have also been very happily surprised by a new book, seen above, which deserves a place on everybody's bookshelf. I started reading it, and simply could not put it down until I finished it.

And the family invested in Alex Bate's new Kickstarter for his 'Forge of Ice' miniatures - he does not have a website, but he is on Facebook - and I am looking forward to getting the archtypical 'sleazy merchant' and his guards. Four of them need more sleep, and two are alert; this, to me, looks like a fun game all set up and ready to go. Alex has some wonderful figures; I have his two "Snake Priestesses", who are in with the Temple of Set crowd, and I can see some interesting times ahead for parties of adventurers.

This time of the year is also more then a little sad for me as well. It was this time last year that an old friend brought his game group over for an evening's tour of the game room and the game lounge, to see all the miniatures, games, artifacts, and costumes we'd built over the decades. It was a very pleasant time, and I was delighted to be able to talk about gaming with Phil and our travels around his world.

That is, it was a lot of fun until my friend's involvement with local LGBTQ politics came up; he announced to his game group - which was supposed to be doing Tekumel gaming - that his old Tekumel player-character had been driven out of Yan Kor (he was Yan Koryani) by, quote, "gay persecution". I was pretty flabbergasted, as this came right out of left field, and his game group - which, it turned out, was made up of LGBTQ people - were equally astounded; they were even more astounded when my friend, after dropping this conversational hand grenade, left and I wound up entertaining his gamers for another couple of very uneasy hours. It was impossible to tell who was more uncomfortable, them or I.

What really, really hurt was that my friend seemed to have forgotten that he was playing in Tekumel before he'd come out as gay, and that his PC had never come out as gay - and that I had been the GM for those games. After his guests had left my house, I went back and looked in my old game journals and listened to the tapes we'd made of those games we'd played back in the late 1980s. Couldn't find anything like he'd described; nothing. It turned out later, I found out from mutual friends, that it was all about enhancing one's position in local LGBTQ circles; politics, in other words.

I'm still hurt by all of this, and haven't been able to run a game session since. I don't know if I ever will, at this point, but we'll have to see. I've had worse happen to me and the Missus over the decades; I have hope, and look forward to the future.