Saturday, January 28, 2017

Fiddler's Recent Comment - A Longer Reply

A Castle in Italy...
I thought that Fiddler’s recent comment deserved a longer reply, so here it is…
One of the things prompting this longer reply is that, over the past decades, nobody from outside my family has ever asked me the question, “What are you really doing?”
People who know me, and the family, already know the answer, so this post is for the people who have been projecting their hopes, their fears, their dreams, and their insecurities onto me for all these years…

            Let it be said that there's nothing wrong with a quiet year / consolidation year. As a matter of fact I did exactly that in 2013, and it proved extremely profitable.

Here are my very specific 2017 "best wishes" for you, Chirine:

1)    to spend some quality time with your daughter;
Exactly. Being a father, and now a grandfather, is the most amazing things I’ve ever done in what has been a long and exciting life. It’s been astonishing, and I’m looking forward to more of this journey.

2)    to add 100K + to your book;
My goal is to finish the book this coming year, and get it into people’s hands for their amusement. This is not going to be a Tekumel version of Jon Peterson’s tremendous book, “Playing at the World”, a new RPG, or anything like that; it’s going to be about a bunch of friends, sitting around a wobbly ping-pong table in a basement room and having a while lot of fun.

3)    to finish the two flyers and the Sakbe road, because these are gonna be so damn gorgeous;
Agreed! These three projects have gotten started up again – I am in the throes of building half a dozen quick-firing radium cannon – and I have now gotten our orders for the new Bronze Age and Forge of Ice figures. New lead always galvanizes and inspires me, and photos will be forthcoming.

4)    to run at least ONE game, just so you can break the spell that weird oblivious dude got you under;
I am hoping to do so as well. As per my ‘rules of engagement’, if somebody wants to organize up a game session, I’ll be happy to host it. Both of my locally-resident daughters want to play in a game like I ususally run, and they may bring some of their friends – we shall see what happens, and I shall keep everyone posted.

5)    and while you're at it (if you DO run that one game), use those splendid new Underworld tiles + lighting, and *film* the whole thing! (Hell, I would drop by the Twin Cities myself just to be in that game, if I had the money.)

That’s the plan. I’ll announce when the game happens, and when we post it. And, you are always welcome, here...

So, there you have it, my friend! A very nice and very rewarding 2017 to you and your family!

Thank you! As I have said many times, all I want to do is paint my figures, tell my stories, and run my games. That’s where we’re going, and everyone is welcome to come along for the ride!