Saturday, February 25, 2017

Con of the North, Part Two - The Tekumel Track

Bill Acheson's gladiator game

Yes, that's a 90mm Ahoggya!

Brett Slocum GM's

Steve Vossler's wonderful game of urban sprawl

The art display in the background of Brett's game

I think you can still view the schedule on the Con of the North's website; Brett Slocum runs this springtime event in a similar vein as U-Con does in the fall of the year, with much the same results. A lot of very good GMs run a lot of very good games, and people seem to have a very good time.

I got to play Steve Vossler's wonderful game of urban expansion, which has tiles that one plays to further one's interests and possible block those of the other players. I normally don't like board games, but this one is simply a delight - the strategy is so compelling that I forgot to keep track of my points as the game went along, but who cares? The game is simply wonderful, and full of Tekumel flavor.

Bill Acheson ran a game of gladiators in the grand scale of 90mm, which was astonishing, and also a game in the more usual 28mm; more on that in the next post. Again, people had a lot of fun!

Lots of RPGs all weekend, as you'd expect, and there were a lot of new faces at the tables. I was very pleased to see this, myself, and delighted that so many people were having fun in Phil's world.


  1. It was a lot of fun. I'm very pleased with how many GMs and players we had. Thanks to you for your efforts to make things run smoothly.

    1. You're welcome! All I really did was a bit of stage management with tables, but I'm glad it helped. :)

    2. Yes, thanx for the help scrounging up the square tables for me. I'll need them again next year for the game I'll bring. Hmm, what should it be? Maybe the continuation of the game I ran for CotN2016?