Saturday, February 25, 2017

Con of the North, Part Two - The Tekumel Track

Bill Acheson's gladiator game

Yes, that's a 90mm Ahoggya!

Brett Slocum GM's

Steve Vossler's wonderful game of urban sprawl

The art display in the background of Brett's game

I think you can still view the schedule on the Con of the North's website; Brett Slocum runs this springtime event in a similar vein as U-Con does in the fall of the year, with much the same results. A lot of very good GMs run a lot of very good games, and people seem to have a very good time.

I got to play Steve Vossler's wonderful game of urban expansion, which has tiles that one plays to further one's interests and possible block those of the other players. I normally don't like board games, but this one is simply a delight - the strategy is so compelling that I forgot to keep track of my points as the game went along, but who cares? The game is simply wonderful, and full of Tekumel flavor.

Bill Acheson ran a game of gladiators in the grand scale of 90mm, which was astonishing, and also a game in the more usual 28mm; more on that in the next post. Again, people had a lot of fun!

Lots of RPGs all weekend, as you'd expect, and there were a lot of new faces at the tables. I was very pleased to see this, myself, and delighted that so many people were having fun in Phil's world.