Sunday, February 26, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, February 26th, 2017 - Unpacking and Goodies

I'll use the helmets and the round shields...
The two I have had very broken wings - fixed, now...

One very - to me, anyway - odd thing about Con of the North was that for a 1,300+ convention, there wasn;t anyone in the vendors' area selling miniatures and miniatures stuff. I do have to qualify that, though; one of the local pro painters was there, doing wonderful commissions - you dropped your figure off, and it was ready two hours later! - and a booth selling painted figures from a local collection. Otherwise, nada, which meant that my budgeted funds stayed in my wallet.

Enter The Source Comics and Games, run by the irrepressible Fighting Bob (General Karim Missum, to us old Tekumel hands), who saw the wads of unspent cash moldering in my sweaty hands and allowed that if I dropped by the store his staff would have a few deals for me.

So, I did, and they did. Some of the folks at the convention had asked about my getting my play-by-post (e-mail, actually, but let's not quibble) miniatures campaign going, and I felt the need for some Salarvyani light infantry skirmishers. I got a pack of the plastic Numidians from Victrix:

My thought was to use the helmeted figures, to match the old Craig Smith drawings, and the round shields as being more appropriate for skirmishers. The downside to this plan is that the shields supplied are very - very! - plain, and I'll have to see what I might have in stock that I can use to add a little visual interest to the shields. I used decals on the Old Guard ones that I had, and I may root around the see it anything will work. Otherwise, it's new shields. We shall see.

I also got a pair of nice little models that badly needed a home. As regular readers will recall, I have a fleet of small-scale ships, and it struck me as I looked at these models that there are are at least a couple of Undying Wizards that we met in our ocean travels who habitually flutter around the skies of Tekumel in skyships. The "Bajoran Lightship" seemed to me to be a pretty good stand-in for these; this pair of models had some very broken 'wings', and the staff at The Source allowed as how I had been known to be able to mend broken stuff pretty well. They made me an offer I could not refuse, and I've managed to fix the two ships. New bases are in order, I think, as the ones provided are not all that good; an easy thing, involving plastic rod and sheet goods.

Still unpacking everything; I do the upkeep on the displays before I put them back into storage, so it's been a little busy this past week. Everything is done, though, and so we're on to new and old projects again...


  1. Congrats on your gaming finds. Who makes the skyships you acquired?

    Also, I remember you mentioning your play-by-email campaign in an earlier post. I look forward to seeing what happens with it.

    1. Well, stupid here has tossed the packing out, as it did a very poor job of protecting the ships...

      A quick web search seems to indicate that these are from the 'Eaglemoss' range of collectable Star Trek ships. I like'em, even though I fly them 'backwards' from the original Bajoran ships.

      I think it's going to happen; there has been a lot of interest in it getting going, and I'll say more about it shortly.

  2. "...the wads of unspent cash moldering in my sweaty hands..." 😄😆😄

    1. Sorry; it's an obscure joke based on our financial underpinnings here at the house. As has been mentioned before, I work to pretty strict budget limits; I have an annual gaming budget line item of $400 to work with, which I can spend any way I want. Going into this convention, all of the budget was available to me - and I was kinda surprised to find nothing that intrigued me.

      The recent road trip, on the other hand... :)

    2. The "Bajoran Lightship" model is a thing of beauty, especially as Deep Space Nine has been my most recent guilty pleasure on Netflix. Thank you for sharing!

    3. You're welcome! I've always had a soft spot for solar sailers, and rescuing these two from a nasty fate was all the more satisfying. Broken toys always have bothered me, and doing restoration and clean up on somebody's dreams is a real pleasure for me...