Sunday, February 5, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, February 6th, 2017 - Something Very Cool!

One of the regular denizens of this particular corner of the Internet was kind enough to send along these two photos of the Highborn Lady Vrisa Vishetru, as drawn by Kathy Marshall-Grantham and sculpted by John Winter for Howard Fielding's The Tekumel Project. The original drawing appeared as part of the 'Selected Biographies' series in the old 'zines that we in the original Thursday Night used to do as part of our trying to tell people about Tekumel.

I think that the painter, a very skilled lady from Russia, did a great job on this figure; she's got some other really wonderful figures up on her blog, too:

In the local news, we're still digging out from under the piles of boxes from Zurich, although we can now actually see the floor in a few parts of our little house. I am currently engaged in clearing out the wreckage in the game room and lounge, as this space got used as the 'overflow' from the rest of the house as we cope with all the IKEA stuff coming in from overseas. All sorts of forgotten treasures have reappeared, much to my delight, and I'll start shooting photos of them in the near future.

The big thing right now is the Resident Daughter's classwork!

I did manage to get all of the new clear Plexiglass bases for all of my small-scale ships done; but the very vintage Valiant 'Spanish Main' and 'Ramming Speed' will soon be getting their coats of new paint and be off on more adventures. I should note that the former line is 1/1200, and the latter 1/900, but they seem to mix on the table with no real problems - to my eye, anyway.

The ships from TRE Games do look a little large next to these metal castings, but then I tend to use the TRE ships for smaller fleet actions, and the Valiant ships for larger ones. My usual habit is to have the ships' captains write down their orders, and then I plot the moves out on big sheets of graph paper on a side table. This is per the practice of one Mr. David L. Arneson, who was of the opinion that the best way to simulate the 'fog of war' was to use written orders. He was right; all sorts of things happen, even what the players wanted to have happen, and much fun occurs. (Sailing a ship around is a lot harder than it looks, and there are no brakes on the boat.) I then fight the usual boarding actions on the main game table, with the big ships. It looks great, and lots of swashbuckling happens.

So, lots happening, and lots more to come!


  1. Yeah, HopeRiver is good all right. I first saw one of her painted figures two years ago - and I spent one hour curled up in a corner, eating chocolate chip ice cream in the dark, VERY jealous!

  2. Same here! She really is ***that*** good!!!