Tuesday, February 21, 2017

The Weekly Update - Tuesday, Feb. 22nd, 2017 - Con of the North, Part One

Bill's display, first location, co-located with Registration

The second and final location that we had for the weekend

I am back in from the local game convention, 'Con of the North'. Bill Hoyt, he of Blackmoor and EPT fame, had asked for my help in putting up a display about the history of RPGs here in the Twin Cities. So, I played stagehand, and brought out the middle-sized of my Skyline displays and got it set up for him to use.

Things got a little exciting, Friday morning; the convention drew over 1,300 people, and our initial location in the same area that the convention's Registration desk was in was just not going to work out - too many people in too small a space. So, we got asked if we'd help them out and move around the corner. So, after I got my breakfast into me, we picked up the encampment and moved out of their way. Everything worked out just fine - I'd planned for such a move, to be honest - and we were reset in about fifteen minutes,  enabling Registration to open on time.

Bill had a great time, talking to a lot of people, and getting a lot of very positive responses from everyone. I was very pleased, myself; this is what I like to do, making things happen for people. I also helped out the convention with a little logistical support, with my fleet of carts, and I had a very good time.

So, Friday was spent in set-up and organization; I did make it to the meet-and-greet at noon for Tekumel folks, and had a good time at that. The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent at the booth, making sure that the computers ran the neat slide show one of Bill's friends had done.

Saturday was a much easier day for me; Bill and his family had the booth well in hand, so I got to walk around the convention a bit and talk to many of my old friends who were running games or trade stands in the Vendors' room. Oddly enough, I didn't find anything to buy at the convention - but I did get waylaid by the folks at The Source Comics and Games, who know my tastes in merchandise, and they made me some offers I can't refuse. The results will appear in due course, as soon as the glue dries. I did get to play in a wonderful game, which I'll tell all about in another post following this one.

Sunday was a little hectic; I had the booth to look after, and get torn down on time. My brother, nephew, and a friend were visiting the convention, and they wanted to tale me, The Missus, and Fifth Daughter out to dinner. So, after more talking to people in the lobby, we got everything disassembled and packed - we were out the door in good time, and dinner was great. Turns out the friend is a police officer, and wants to play in one of my games; I'm really looking forward to this, as having him play one of the Provost's officers would be a real treat for me.

Monday, it rained, so I had to delay unloading until late. I did get a lot of sleep, and I think I've shaken my cold.

I'll talk more about the Tekumel programming track that Brett Slocum runs, in the next post, and then I'll talk about the games that were part of that track. We'll peel this like an onion... :)

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  1. Chirine... this is your brother's friend here... thanks for showing me around, telling stories, and showing the old miniatures... real pieces of history there. Looking forward to gaming. Frank