Saturday, March 25, 2017

Interlude - A Conversation With My Missus

The topic of the conversation...

So, I'm getting the groceries in from the van after a shopping trip, and the Missus is eying a blister pack - Reaper #80037, "Telephone Box", to be exact - and asks "Can you paint this up for me?"

"Well, yes," I reply, "but that's not the best model of the classic GPO phone box. I have a couple in the model railway supplies, but they're OO and not the O scale that I think you want."

She rolled her eyes, and favored me with the kind of look one reserves for a beloved but dim spouse. "If I'd wanted a GPO phone box, I'd have gotten one. I think you know exactly what I want this one painted up as..." Heavy sigh followed.

"Yes, dear. I'll look up the BSC color number and get on it..."

The origins of this particular conversation go back almost thirty years, when I was first courting Herself. I bought her a complete set of the RAFM "Doctor Who" figures, as she's a fan of the series from waaaay back - she was a friend of Anthony Ainley, for example - and also a complete set of the Ral Partha "Elfquest" figures. This hit both of her big interests, and I thought it might advance my cause with her. (It seemed to work; thirty years later, and she's still here. Anyway:) She still has both groups of figures, still in their boxes, and these unpainted miniatures came up in the discussion of vintage figures that we were having at the paint-and-take at CincyCon.

A number of collectors have been of the opinion that she should keep the Elfquest figures in their boxes, as they still have all their packing and inserts - they are out of the shrink wrap, that's all - and the Who figures are still in their little 'Tardis' boxes. (I had also gotten her a set of the plastic GW Daleks and Cybermen, which came off their sprues in 1988 and are still waiting for paint.) Other collectors have taken the position that these are her figures, and if she wants them painted then they should be painted. She's of the opinion that she'd like them painted; she had a lot of fun painting up one of the little goblins for the Goblin Horde project, and is kind of wanting to paint something.

Thoughts? Comments?

Along these same lines, she's also 'happened' to mention that I still have a lot of unbuilt card model kits in my railway stocks, and that her smaller 'true 25mm' figures don't look at all out of scale next to them. Suggestions about getting a bit of card modeling done have been made, and I get the hint - hopefully not being too dim, in these matters.

In a similar vein, the Missus has mentioned that Mike Burns, of Dark Fable Miniatures, is about to get his new Indiegogo - "The Legend of Cleopatra" - up and running, and that she approves of the figures as she sees the photos of the greens.

I am getting the feeling that there's a connection here. Wasn't there a set ofTom Baker episodes with an Ancient Egyptian theme? I feel a 'pulp' adventure coming on...


  1. Paint them! Figures are meant to be gamed with, not kept in their packaging to never see the light of day again!

    1. Ditto Ditto! What possible reason would you have not to? You wouldn't consider selling them, would you? So paint them and enjoy them.

    2. Well, where were coming from is the comments made to us over the years about the 'collectable' nature of these sets. We agree; miniatures are made to be used. So, we'll figure out what bases I'll use, and get on with it...

  2. Paint them. And for the record, Tom Baker is the best (only!) Doctor.

    1. All of the Doctors are equally good. Some just require more effort to appreciate :)

      (I'm a fan of Peter Davidson, but Sylvester McCoy could have been truly great with better stories than most of the ones he got.)

    2. I'm not the fan the Missus is; I was first exposed to the series out at Phil's, where we watched the Tom Baker episodes in his kitched before going downstairs to the game room for our adventures. Sometimes things would 'bleed over', like the Sisterhood of Karn...

  3. I certainly think those plastic Daleks and Cybermen are worth painting:

  4. >>Wasn't there a set ofTom Baker episodes with an Ancient Egyptian theme?

    "Pyramids of Mars" was the story you're thinking of. Lovely gothic story with various Victorian types trapped within the vicinity of a country house whilst robotic mummies hunt them down :)