Sunday, March 12, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, March 12th, 2017 - CincyCon VIII

My post for the weekend - the 'paint and take', in West

The central connecting room, with the registration desk

East Hall, with lots of game tables

East, during dinner - the food was great!!!

 As related in the previous update, we're back from what it probably our last great adventure. We had a wonderful time, but both the Missus and I are just not in the kind of health one needs for long road trips. Having said that, on with the report!

The beginnings of this trip lay in the smouldering wreckage of last years' proposed Tekumel Room at Gary Con, over which the Tekumel Foundation had made such a fuss that everyone actually working on the thing just gave up and walked away. (We're all still baffled by them and their attitudes.) A couple of the people who were going to participate in the event said hey, we have this perfectly good local convention - why don't you and the Missus come to that? It all seemed like a good idea, so we made our plans. For what we were going to please see:

What was a big part of making this trip so special for the two of us was that the Missus loves horses. She has a little fund that she saves up and puts into all through the year, and then goes and places her wagers on the Triple Crown races. She always does well, I am happy to say, and has built up a little nest egg for herself like I have with my gaming fund. Lexington, Kentucky, is just over the border from the convention, so it was her plan to drop me off at the show and then do a series of day trips into thoroughbred country. And because of this, she informed me that she'd be willing to pay for half the trip expenses out of her horse account; one does not turn down offers like this from one's Missus, I tell you. Fifth Daughter, she with the yellow in karate, would watch the house for us; our friends were supplying the hotel room, so everything was taken care of.

Or so we thought...

Because of her health issues, the Missus has trouble sitting in our van for more then a couple of hours; so, she called her usual car rental agency and reserved a full-sized sedan for the trip. I packed our luggage accordingly, with  our big Land's End suitcases - these have been all over the world with us, and enable us to live for a week in luxury - and flight bags full of snacks and medications for the back seat.

Got to the rental agency a week later, and the trouble started. We were told that we could have either the giant SUV that was out on the lot, or our pick of the three sedans. The Missus asked if these were full-sized cars, and got blown off. I had a look at the largest, and what we were being given - and billed for as 'full-sized' - were 'mid-sized' cars that our luggage simply would not fit into. She got the look on her face that her Viking ancestors would have recognized as being a sure indicator that somebody was going to get a visit from Ragnar Hairy-pants (actual historical personage) and his boatload of stalwart Scandinavian 'attitude adjustment counselors'. The transaction got cancelled.

At this point, all we had left for options was to take our old van - it had 326,000 miles on it, was loaded down with 800 pounds of book that the girls' grandfather had left them, and we were not at all sure that we'd make it to Ohio.

She still had That Look on her face; she turned to me and said, in the same kind of voice that I imagine that Rollo used when he announced that he was invading France: "I want to see my horses, you want to have fun at the convention, and we don't want to disappoint our friends. We're going."

So, we did. Next up, what it was like...

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