Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, March 19th, 2017 - Housekeeping And More

Convention loot plus - one

Convention loot plus - two
We're doing a bit of housekeeping here at the Workbench today; I manage4d to pick up some sort of noro-virus after we got back from Ohio, and I've been pretty under the weather for the past week. We did have a very good day of gaming yesterday - "Close Action" and "The Fantasy Trip" - and I'll have reports on those games as soon as I can. Fifth Daughter got to play in the TFT game, to great effect, and she's been invited back to play with the group. I played a series of NPCs, a town guard and a tavern keeper, and I had a lot of fun; the players seemed to have fun interacting with a 'live' NPC, and the GM laughed his head off at the results. A good time, as they say, was had by all...

For those of you who have been commenting on the blog over on Google Plus, I have been able to see your comments - I get e-mailed notifications of them - but for some reason I am unable to reply to all of you there. I'll be doing a sort of omnibus reply to everyone here on the blog, so no, I haven't forgotten anyone. I think it's got something to due with old hardware and old browsers, and the Missus is looking into it.

Getting back to our Cincy Con coverage, I enjoyed doing a little shopping when I had a break. For me, a huge delight was discovering a very nice line of boats and ships:

They have everything from 6mm to 28mm in ships and boats, as well as a nice line of shore installations that your pirate crew will love to storm. I got four of the big 'whaleboats', which are about the right size for Chirine's collection of landing boats - provided by dear old Captain Harchar for a 'very nominal fee' under very dubious circumstances - as mentioned at the close of Book Five and in Book Six of "To Serve The Petal Throne". Getting the troops ashore has always been an issue in the days before purpose-built landing craft, and these boats filled in a gap that we had in the fleet between the regular ships and the smaller boats and lighters used in the bridging train.

These are big, solid resin castings, and will probably survive everything that the players can through at them A nice feature is the spacing of the seats, which is specifically designed to work with 25mm bases - so, our troopers can stand on the bottom of their boats, instead of perching on the seats. I'm very happy with them, and how they look on the table.

There were also some folks with a 3-D printer, and I got some market stalls from them. You never have enough market stalls for the players to rampage through, no matter what your chosen period. They make a variety of useful things, and these can be seen on their Facebook page:

I also got some neat stuff from various flea market vendors, like a nice resin spaceship hull and a die-cast model of the airship from "The Golden Compass", all of which will fill in little nooks and crannies in my collection of game props and miniatures.

The Missus also weighed in with a purchase from Iron Wind, from the  Ral Partha Chaos Wars line; she got all three 'Amazon Regiments' from the first wave of their Kickstarter, as she thought that it was high time that she and her five daughters were represented on the family game table. I took the hint, and also restocked some of the truly superb Iron Wind paints; I've been using these since they first came out in the 1980s, and they are a truly great line of paints. For more on this, try the Iron Wind website:

Several mail-orders that the Missus had made have also come in, and so the five young ladies from Bronze Age Miniatures, the Sleazy Merchant and Six Guards (Two Alert, Four Drowsy) from Forge of Ice, and the Pillar of Woe set (plus a sneek peek at the Cleopatra Indiegogo) from Dark Fable have all been based up and will get a coat of primer when the weather finally warms up. I also have the plastic Numidians all assembled; I didn't like the plain round shields, in the end, so I dug around in the parts bins and gave them an assortment of plastic shields from both the Warlords 'Roman' sets and from the Wargames Factory 'Amazons' set. I think they look a lot better with the variety of shields; I'm sure I think of a use for the spares...

More to come; I'll have more detailed posts and photos up on all of this as soon as I can manage...

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