Sunday, March 26, 2017

The Weekly Update - Sunday, March 26th, 2017 - An Essay On Conventons, if you don't mind...

No, I am not at Gary Con this weekend these are all photos from three years ago. The folks who were organizing a possible trip for me to go down to Lake Geneva this year missed several important deadlines with the convention, so we went to Ohio instead.

I've been asked, by multiple people and on multiple occasions, why I don't go to conventions and run games for people. The quick answer, as I've mentioned, is resources - and the lack of same. I have a limited amount of disposable vacation time and an equally limited amount of disposable income available to use on my gaming; I have to budget very carefully. And, as I've also mentioned, I have very limited amounts of stamina and energy available - I can either organize a convention trip, or run events and games; not both, on the same trip. If people want me to come to their convention, then they need to take the lead in organizing the trip. I can advise on what I can run, load everything up, and do the show; that's about it. I can pay for fuel and food; I can't afford a hotel room, and I do need a place to stay at my age.

That's the tangible aspect of the subject. The intangible aspect of the matter is that I am a relic of an older style of game play, dating back some forty years. I don;t fell all that much connection to modern gaming; when I was walking through the game rooms at Con of the North, I felt very disassociated and alienated, as there didn't seem to be anything there for me. I just wasn't interested in what I was seeing. Now, there were lots and lots of people there, having a very good time; it just wasn't my kind of good time, if I can put it that way.

The bottom line is that if I'm going to be shelling out money and time, I'd better be having a great time like I did at Cincy Con. Gary Con is a great convention, but for me there's not a lot to actually do; it is an RPG convention, and I happen to strongly agree with that focus; I just don't see a difference between RPGs and miniatures, as seems to be the norm these days. We didn't, back in the day, and I still don't.

So, to conserve resources, I stay home; the door is always open for visitors. If you want to stop by, drop me an e-mail...