Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Weekly Update - Tuesday, March 7th - The Last Great Adventure!

Old Reliable does it again, one last time...

There will be a series of much longer reports to come, but for now the news is that Chirine and The Missus are now back home here at The Workbench after a very long and very exciting trip to see some very old friends.

This has been, I suspect, our last great road trip together. Her health - and mine too, for that matter - as well as our limited financial resources mean that we simply can't do a lot of the things that other people can. But, this was an important trip for the both of us, so we went. Our poor old Astro, with 326.000+ miles on the clock, came through one last time for us and got us there through wind, snow, rain, darkness, and sheer exhaustion - and then saved the day for our friends in their need.

Was it worth it? We thought so, and so did quite a few other people.

Lots more to come!!!

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