Monday, April 17, 2017

The Weekly Update - Monday, April 17th, 2017 - This And That From The Sick Bay

Yes, it has been That Weekend, and the White Star Line's house flag has been flying all weekend as is our custom. We are both still pretty sick; I am better, the Missus was worse, but she is on the mend this morning. Lots of fluids, lots of sleep. Since I am the primary caregiver around the house, as well as the primary caretaker of the place, this past weekend has been spent largely in getting the place back to normal after the past month's illnesses. It takes a while, but it is getting done.

It was also Easter weekend, and as sometimes happens my Easter falls on the same dates as does most peoples' holiday; so, it was quiet here and I frankly liked it that way.

It's also the usual weekend for MiniCon, one of the local SF conventions; we didn't go. Besides being sick, and not wanting to share, we were some of the people 'disinvited' during the Great Purge that the convention went through - getting rid of costumers, gamers, media fans, and literary fans was supposed to get the convention back to the fannish roots of "sex and drugs and rock and roll" as one of the Gang Of Ten announced at the time. Maybe it has; we don't go, and save a lot of energy and money in the process.

I've been asked why we don't go back; I gather that the Gang Of Ten is long gone, and the current convention committee is looking to regain the lost numbers of people who used to go - and who went off and founded their own convention, Convergence. I do think about it, but then things like the current controversy over Odyssey Con happen. I get pretty annoyed with things like this, as regular readers are aware, and so we stay away from F/SF fandom.

You can do a Google search about this, or have a look at:

And now, if you'll excuse me, I need to take my blood pressure medications...

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