Monday, May 1, 2017

The Weekly Update - May 1st, 2017 - Productivity And Plastic

Urban buildings by Ken Fletcher, circa 1985, in the raw
I seem to be getting my sea legs back under me, as I continue to recover from the various illnesses that have stalked the household for most of the past six months, and stuff is finally getting done. I've been doing a lot of digging in the midden heap that's my work shop, and I'm down to the 1990s layers. All sorts pf wonderful treasures have been rediscovered and put on the shelves, and heaps of debris have been getting shoveled out the door - scrap lumber, the remains of old projects that other people started but never finished, that kind of thing. The Missus and I have been trying help people make their dreams come true for the past twenty-five years, and now we're working on making ours come true.

Her set of the RAFM "Dr. Who" miniatures have been found - I'm replacing the shelving where they've been sitting since 1988 with storage bins for my scale lumber (I make it myself, he said modestly) and will get based and into primer as soon as we get some decent weather; I'm still trying to work out what bases to use for her Elfquest figures. Wasn't there an Elfquest RPG, back in the day, or am I confusing it with something else?

Played in another D&D session yesterday; we're in Jackport, east of Blackmoor, getting trashed by some goblins. I have, I am pleased to report, now up to Second Level, and hugely enjoying myself. looking forward to the next game session, too!

In other news, Rob Kuntz has a book about Dave Arneson available, and there's a graphic novel about Gary Gygax also coming out this week. I may get both; we shall see what the reviews are like.

The new Dark Fable Indiegogo is live, and doing well; we're already past the $4,000 mark, and so some of the stretch goals are now being unlocked. Have a look, if you will:

I am now dithering over getting some Victrix "Successor Phalangites" to serve as palace guards; this is a very slippery slope, as I think I'd then have to get some Late Republican Romans to cause them fits. Suggeestions sought; I find that I can turn out plastic figures in very quick time, so getting some of both done for a game I have in mind would be easy...

And yes, I am working on a truly gigantic project for the game, worthy of Rex Harrison and Elizabeth Taylor. You could, I think, only do this one in plastics; it'd take forever to get enough old figures to do this one...

Barsoon hasn't been forgotten; the plastic for the Eighth Ray Collectors I need for the two sky ships has been dug out and will see the band saw this coming weekend. Luckily, this one will be a floor game. A very big floor game...

And Tim over at TRE games has done some 28mm Japanese buildings, which look to be scaled up versions of his 15mm line; the kits are astonishing, and I may have to invest in them. Please see his website - link on the other column,  as I recall, but:

Photos of all this, as soon as I can shoot them. And yes, I have a batch of those coolers in the shop, with roofing added, just like Ken did for our games thirty years ago...


  1. What can you make out of that cooler? I have something similar in the trunk of my car.

    Yes, there was an Elfquest rpg, a sort of Runequest variant by Chaosium. I never played it.

    1. I shall mention the game to the Missus; she'll probably get a copy, raising all sorts of possibilities for the game room.

      To ask is to receive; see today's update. Short form is buildings; Ken built us enough to cover a 4' x 8' table for urban games. I've been able to recover some of his originals, and I'm making new ones.

  2. Seems to me, Successor Macedonians might make good Salarvyani proxies if you were so inclined. At the every least they might add some variety to the obvious Assyrians. But I wonder if there's too much variation in the helmets. Partly because you might want to see uniformity in a Nchesh, and partly because some of the helmets might not be quite right. The armour looks spot-on for Salarvyani though

    1. Oh! I hadn't thought of this aspect of the thing! The Missus was of the opinion that if we were going to back the "Legend of Cleopatra" Indiegogo, then we really should have the figures to play out the events that put her back into power.

      You're right; I think they'd look fine, with a little fussing in the assembly; I won't use the obvious Greek helmets, and I think we'll be all right. I'm plannign on giving the new set of Numidian lights different shields, though, as the rounds are very plain and basic and the ovals just don't look right to me. So, off to the new parts bins! :)

    2. That's 'planning', not 'plannign'!